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Our Vision

Fat Girl Food Squad is a blog, and more importantly, ­— a community, focused on the intersection between food, fat, and Feminism. These core ideas inform everything we do and everything we write about.

We are fundamentally about people of all shapes and sizes eating good food and feeling good in their bodies, in every way possible.

We aim to provide a safe, positive space for all bodies while showcasing those who label and identify themselves as fat and endeavoring to breakdown the stereotypes and barriers that surround such a controversial three-letter word. We do this both through the content we curate on our blog, with topics ranging from plus size fashion to food security to Health At Every Size, and through Fat Girl Food Squad: “In Real Life” where we attend and host events & happenings in our communities.

Inclusivity and community building are at the core of everything we do. We operate under the principle that, regardless of size or gender, there is a ‘Fat Girl’ living in everyone.


Founded in the spring of 2013, Fat Girl Food Squad arose out of Ama Scriver and Yuli Scheidt’s joint desire to create a space to talk frankly and openly about what really mattered to them. Within just one year, their little corner of the Internet had grown to include Squads in Hamilton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Denver, & beyond, with contributors as far and wide as L.A. and Australia.

This space means the world to us, and we’re very happy to have such wonderful people to share it with and help it grow. We are constantly humbled and awed at how quickly this has grown from a simple food blog to a thriving community, and we can only hope that it will continue to get bigger and better.

Let’s be friends in real life!