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The Chase spreads it Little Fins and flies

11 Nov, 2014  |  by Ama Scriver

For those who love the ideals of restaurant The Chase but don’t have the time for a full sit down meal, executive chef Nigel Finley has answered your call.  Little Fin has opened up directly next door (4 Temperance Street) serving up all the seafood mix and match offerings. Opened from 11AM until 8PM with minimal seating space, Little Fin is a cute, cozy and grab & go eatery in every sense of the word.  But just because Little Fin is…

100,000 Twitter Followers and Food Network Canada Scout

7 Jul, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

After our dear friend, and loyal Fat Girl Food Squad reader, Siobhan Ozege alerted us to the 100,000 Twitter Followers and Food Network Canada Scout contest, us Head Bitches in Charge thought about how much Food Network Canada meant to us in our formative years of food loving and ultimately lead us to starting our own blog. Yes, it’s true.  Chefs are our rock-stars.  Not only do they make stellar food that inspire us on the daily (for example: Chef Michael Smith’s daily recipes on Chef at Home)…