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#WomenCrushWednesday – feminist artist Frances Cannon

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

I’m not going to lie, I don’t remember how exactly I stumbled across Frances Cannon’s Instagram page but one night when I was doing my usual thing of endlessly scrolling through image after image of photos, I came across it. There in front of me was one of her images that stopped me dead in my tracks and for good reason, too. This Melbourne based artist name is Frances Cannon (whose work can be found via her Instagram page and…

Fit N Fat: On Being Here and Discovering My Body

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Aviva Cohen

At the YMCA I have to use a stool, on my toes to reach the pull up bar. A majority of the fellas I see jump and latch on, but I am 5’7 and never made my high school basketball team. Completing a pull-up was a big deal to me and now on a good day I can do three. I lift heavy weights but you wouldn’t know it looking at my slight frame in slightly baggy band shirts. Once I…

Real Talk: Owning Your Fatness and Not Living Like a “Before” Photo

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Kirthan Aujlay
Hateful Cake Quote

I have a little confession to make. I am obsessed with makeovers. There’s nothing I love more than a makeover scene in a movie, whether it involves Julia Roberts getting dolled up in designer duds in Pretty Woman or the girls of Clueless making Tai into a “total betty.” And yes, I even indulge in the “weight loss success” stories of the Today Show or whatever new program TLC is airing. But when it comes to the weight loss stories,…


6 Jun, 2015  |  by Yuli Scheidt
resources-01 – Bitch Media’s mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. – This blog is for women, girls, non- binary babes and other Chubby Bunnies to share their photos, stories and experiences. Not a porn blog! – RENDER is a quarterly magazine that aims to disrupt the canon of mainstream food and cooking magazines. Our mission is to empower women in the kitchen by…

#WomanCrushWednesday – Self-Love Edition

5 May, 2015  |  by Amarina Norris
WCW Me and You

Some of the only photos I have of myself from high school. I decided at some point that I was going to wear the same shirt every year. I am of the age where Instagram still doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to remind myself to post sometimes and I do, because it’s one of the ways I love to engage with the community of babes on there. Selfies, crap that I’m doing, people I’m spending time with, outfit posts…

Real Talk: Dealing with Alopecia

11 Nov, 2014  |  by Liz Jukovsky

When I was 3 years old, I wore a tutu for an entire year. At 7 years old, I rarely showered. I had a rat tail, and climbed trees in my bare feet. Lots of tie dye was worn that year. By middle school, I had started plucking my eyebrows and wearing denim skirts to match my popular (but troubled) best friend. I knew the pros and cons of being a tomboy versus a girly-girl: as a tomboy, I got…

Real Talk: Stranded at Sea

10 Oct, 2014  |  by Guest Post

If you’ve ever been on the train heading east towards Toronto, and you’ve passed the Mimico stop, there is a beautiful white sign on a fence. It surprises you, catching your eye in the midst of grass and brown buildings. The short phrase “Float On” is written in what looks like white flowers, like either a personal mantra or an urgent piece of advice. Hopping on at the Bronte station on a weekly basis, I began to wait for Mimico,…

Real Talk: New Year’s Revolution

1 Jan, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin

I haven’t always been a bigger girl, but I have always struggled with accepting and loving my body the way it is at any given moment in time. In fact, for as long as I can remember, my New Year’s resolution has been that I wanted to “lose 20 pounds.” This seemingly tangible goal has been a negative staple for me across a spectrum of sizes, and it was only this year that I realized that losing that 20 pounds…

Body Positive Sex: What’s Self Love Got to do with It?

1 Jan, 2014  |  by Ama Scriver

We here at Fat Girl Food Squad are huge supporters of sex positivity and body positivity, which I think is pretty evident in all the work that we do. So when we were approached by the University of Toronto to put together a workshop on body positive sex for Sexual Awareness Week, we were beyond thrilled. Come join us on Saturday January 25, 2013 at Innis Town Hall for our two-hour workshop titled Body Positive Sex: What’s Self-Love Got to…

Real Talk: Your Weight Doesn’t Define You

1 Jan, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin

Editor’s note: This piece comes to us from our newest contributor half a world away, Madeline, in Tasmania, Australia. Read her full bio here. With so much importance placed on appearance and beauty, it’s no surprise that so many young women and men struggle with body image issues. I’m no stranger to being full to the brim with self-hatred relating to my bodyweight. I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror at eighteen, staring down at my bulging stomach and…