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Skyhigh for The One Eighty’s new fall menu

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

It was just in March of 2015 that we were invited to The One Eighty to check out the brand new relaunch that happened from itself former self, the Panorama Lounge. While the view from the 51st floor was still the same: breathtaking and an obvious draw – it was the food and cocktails that really had us talking. For starters, the menu had lots of different and playful options, that really speak to the culinary vibrancy of Toronto as…

A Taste of Ylfa Helgadóttir’s Iceland

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Geo Peck

Every year, an oft forgotten country sends out its feelers to the rest of the world, pleading “I’m here! I’m here! Look at all my awesome things!” And that tiny, awesome country is Iceland. It also happens to be my favorite place, but I really do think you should try to find that out for yourself by going for a visit. If you can’t make it there to meet Iceland in person, there is always The Taste of Iceland to…

A Simple Pumpkin & Seafood Risotto from Ricardo Cuisine!

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Geo Peck
fgfs Ricardo Cuisine Seafood Risotto - finished dish

Fall is here again! And we all know that with it will come the seemingly endless barrage of unnecessary “pumpkin spice” recipes on the Internet. In my opinion all those sweet pie flavours totally ruin a perfectly decent and underappreciated vegetable, the noble yet quaint pumpkin (although I do love the odd PSL). So instead of a triple pumpkin spice brownie (yawn) I have here a simple Pumpkin and Seafood Risotto – with not even a hint of cinnamon. I…

Bistro Vegetarian Flare at The Roxton

11 Nov, 2013  |  by Ama Scriver

Originally posted to Ama’s twice-weekly column on Toronto is Awesome. I had always heard good things about The Roxton but had never been. Found along that final stretch of Harbord, closer to Ossington, the restaurant was easy enough to miss. However upon walking up, you’re met with a beautiful bike installation and the shimmer of wonderful & welcoming candlelight. All photos by Siobhan Ozege The Roxton is a cute and cozy little space, with a generous patio (which will be great for summer…

Denver: Watercourse Foods’ Annual Harvest Dinner

11 Nov, 2013  |  by Gillian Kreft

Before going vegan my food options were virtually endless. One of the things that made going vegan a little bit difficult was me losing a large portion of my dining options. Don’t get me wrong, I still have options but they are more along the line of 10s instead of 100s. So when Watercourse Foods (one of my favorite restaurants) announced their 5th Annual Harvest Dinner I was super excited. Their harvest dinner is centered on local, seasonal produce and…