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Real Talk: Self-Caring Through Mindfulness And Breathing

12 Dec, 2015  |  by Fiorella Morzi

Now that a lot of us are breaking from work for a little while, during the rush that is the holidays, let’s make sure we remember to spend time caring for ourselves, re-charging in ways that make sense to our wellbeing and spirits.   It doesn’t really look like winter right now where I am, in the GTA, though the days are certainly getting colder. I have to zip my coat up all the way to the top to cover…

Fit N Fat: On Being Here and Discovering My Body

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Aviva Cohen

At the YMCA I have to use a stool, on my toes to reach the pull up bar. A majority of the fellas I see jump and latch on, but I am 5’7 and never made my high school basketball team. Completing a pull-up was a big deal to me and now on a good day I can do three. I lift heavy weights but you wouldn’t know it looking at my slight frame in slightly baggy band shirts. Once I…

Real Talk: What it takes to be a “Good Girl”

9 Sep, 2015  |  by Danielle Morgan

Earlier this year I participated in a social media campaign where women shared their #worstwords – after giving it a lot of thought I realized a word I just about despise for all its unspoken judgement and suggestions is the word ladylike. I was raised to be a “good girl,” a proper lady. Though I didn’t know what it meant I knew not to be a bad seed about things. What I gleaned was a series of rules, in behaviour…

Real Talk: Living Outside of Your Body – Mental Health Awareness Month

5 May, 2015  |  by Amanda Spinosa
Hardest Place

You’ve got a case of the blues. You skip a shower, watch a movie instead of going out with your friends, and maybe you cry a little too. In a few days, you’re over it and it’s back to the old routine. For people living with chronic mental illness, a period of the “blues” would be a blessing. Although treatment of the mentally ill has improved since previous decades, there’s still a stigma that lingers around, like a smell in…

Real Talk: Accepting (My Dislike For) My Stretch Marks

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Alex Cioppa

I’m in my bedroom, standing in front of my full length mirror closet doors. I’m about to take a shower. I take off my top and stretch, moving the too tight bra straps that leave red marks on my shoulder. I see my soft and round stomach, a little pudgy and with a belly puffing out, a sign of a delicious dinner. I peel off my skinny jeans and my body starts feeling like its breathing for the first time…

Real Talk: Living with OCD

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Fiorella Morzi

Since I was diagnosed with OCD four years ago, there have been some moments that look like this: the topic of anxiety enters the conversation, someone might talk about their experience with anxiety, I join in to nod my head attentively and agree when we conclude anxiety is a widespread issue. A funny feeling alerting me of my quickened pulse holds me back from adding much else, unless the attention is off me. The conversation is good; I wonder about…

Real Talk: My Body Hair is None of Yo’ Business

1 Jan, 2015  |  by Alex Giamos

When I quickly pitched writing a piece about body hair for FGFS, I was really surprised and pleased that someone wanted to write it with me. Finding a format that best fit this type of article was a tough one, but Fiorella and myself wanted it to be as straight forward as possible. Below is our interview style take on growing up, and growing into, having body hair. -Alex Growing Up Fiorella: When I began to show leg hair as…

Real Talk: Living With Chronic Illness

1 Jan, 2015  |  by Siobhan Ozege

I can’t remember the last time I felt well. For as long as I can remember, my life has been dictated by an undercurrent of aches, exhaustion, counting pills, and feelings of defeat. For over half of my life I’ve been living with a chronic illness, and only in recent years have I started to take active steps to keep it from controlling my life. It’s a whole different kind of sick. Chronic illness can take its form in many ways,…

Real Talk: Dealing with Alopecia

11 Nov, 2014  |  by Liz Jukovsky

When I was 3 years old, I wore a tutu for an entire year. At 7 years old, I rarely showered. I had a rat tail, and climbed trees in my bare feet. Lots of tie dye was worn that year. By middle school, I had started plucking my eyebrows and wearing denim skirts to match my popular (but troubled) best friend. I knew the pros and cons of being a tomboy versus a girly-girl: as a tomboy, I got…

Real Talk: Yes New Friends

11 Nov, 2014  |  by Liz Jukovsky
[Toronto] Liz Jukovsky Yes New Friends - Image

Amy Wood is a people person, a natural “connector” — but she’d never phrase it that way. “Think of the kind of people who call themselves ‘connectors.’ They’re kind of the worst,” Amy joked as we settled into our multi-coloured cushioned seats at a local cafe. We were there to discuss her latest social experiment, a Toronto-based platonic matchmaking website she founded called “Yes New Friends” (YNF). The Saturday morning interview felt like a blind date, actually — the kind of…