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Kickin’ Ass and Taking Names: Sheila Sampath of Shameless

2 Feb, 2015  |  by Siobhan Ozege

In this week’s edition of Kickin’ Ass and Taking Names, we’re thrilled to profile one of our most inspiring community and media leaders: the smart, stylish and savvy Sheila Sampath! (1) Who are you and what do you do? My name is Sheila Sampath and I’m interested in collaboration, creativity and community; in other words, I like making friends, making stuff with friends, and having that stuff, in turn, make for a better world. I am the principal and creative…

Lookin’ Good Girl: Leigh van Maaren on “A Girl of Your Size…”

6 Jun, 2013  |  by FGFSadmin

“A girl of your size should dress more conservatively.” I received this call from a co-worker on my day off from a student job I had a few years ago. At the time, I wasn’t a very flashy dresser.  Every single skirt I own from that time is in my pile of almost knee-length, ‘family-appropriate’ skirts.  My shorts were no shorter than mid-thigh. I wore hosiery year-round and made sure that a cardigan or blazer always covered my arms. I…