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Let’s Eat Persimon® persimmons

12 Dec, 2015  |  by Geo Peck
slicing persimmons

Apparently, it’s persimmon season! I havn’t heard much about this vegetable/fruit until recently, which makes sense as they are only grown in a few different places in the world, and are all shipped to Canada. But I’m glad that they are shipped here, because it turns out they are pretty tasty, and will surely be permanently added to my rotation of veggies. Kind of like a cross between a tomato and a plum, these guys are slightly sweet and have…

A Taste of Ylfa Helgadóttir’s Iceland

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Geo Peck

Every year, an oft forgotten country sends out its feelers to the rest of the world, pleading “I’m here! I’m here! Look at all my awesome things!” And that tiny, awesome country is Iceland. It also happens to be my favorite place, but I really do think you should try to find that out for yourself by going for a visit. If you can’t make it there to meet Iceland in person, there is always The Taste of Iceland to…

Kleinburg gets a steakhouse that’s well-done: XXI Chophouse

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Geo Peck
FGFS XI Steajhouse - Shrimp

Tucked away in the little village of Kleinburg, about an hour and half north of Toronto, XXI Chophouse is not exactly what one would expect to find in this sleepy little hamlet. From the outside, the building it’s housed in, The Doctor’s House seems like an innocent and pleasant wedding venue, but the steakhouse inside just oozes swag. In an interior of leather and marble, XXI Chophouse is impressive at first glance. Right when you walk in you can see the…

More Than Yellow Mustard: Recipes with Maille

5 May, 2015  |  by Geo Peck
Cooking with Maille

It’s too often that cooks overlook simple and subtle ingredients in favour of the more glamorous ones. To make things taste good, usually one will just throw in a handful of salt or a pat of butter all willy-nilly and call it a day. Yet there is more to building flavour than just salt and fat. Mustard is one of those ingredients that is relegated to the realm of condiment for your hot dog or smoked meat sandwich, but if…

b.good: Bringing Good Things to Toronto

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Geo Peck
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b.good, a fast food restaurant that originally launched in Boston, hit Toronto last summer with their first Canadian location. I stopped by there on a recent Friday for lunch, excited to see all the “real food” options they advertise. On top of beef, turkey, chicken and (handmade) veggie burgers, b.good has an impressive array of kale and quinoa bowls, as well as several creative and filling salads. The food isn’t even the main show. The manager Mark, who came up from Boston just to open…

Head Butcher In Charge: Mo Morrison-Brandeis

3 Mar, 2015  |  by Geo Peck

It has been well established now that head chefs who happen to be women are officially “A Thing”. An awesome thing, as the old boys club that professional kitchens used to be is a relic of the past. But what about all the rest of the ladies who are busting their asses behind the scenes? Women are not only running more kitchens than ever before, but they are part of the backbone of the culinary industry. They are scrubbing pots,…

Geo’s Guide to Cooking Essentials: Stocking Your Cupboards

10 Oct, 2014  |  by Guest Post
geoPeck-kitchen-grains (1)

Let me just get one thing straight real quick: there is nothing, and never will be anything, more important to me than eating the most delicious food possible. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve raged against all the Kraft single slices and the Wonder bread and dreamt of a world filled with aged white cheddar and fresh baked country loaves. I am a women of simple pleasures, and nothing is more simple or pleasurable than fresh food, made…