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Real Talk: Self-Caring Through Mindfulness And Breathing

12 Dec, 2015  |  by Fiorella Morzi

Now that a lot of us are breaking from work for a little while, during the rush that is the holidays, let’s make sure we remember to spend time caring for ourselves, re-charging in ways that make sense to our wellbeing and spirits.   It doesn’t really look like winter right now where I am, in the GTA, though the days are certainly getting colder. I have to zip my coat up all the way to the top to cover…

Real Talk: Living with OCD

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Fiorella Morzi

Since I was diagnosed with OCD four years ago, there have been some moments that look like this: the topic of anxiety enters the conversation, someone might talk about their experience with anxiety, I join in to nod my head attentively and agree when we conclude anxiety is a widespread issue. A funny feeling alerting me of my quickened pulse holds me back from adding much else, unless the attention is off me. The conversation is good; I wonder about…

Pucker: Gwendolyn Richards’ debut cookbook

2 Feb, 2015  |  by Fiorella Morzi

“I very famously had been put on a ban from writing about lemon in my day job,” laughed Gwendolyn Richards, recalling how she came to centre her first book, Pucker, around citrus fruits. When Richards first began food writing on the side of her job at the Calgary Herald, she occupied her time pitching one lemon recipe or another until her editor finally issued the ban. After lunching with Elizabeth Baird and Rose Murray—“the Grandmothers,” Richards said fondly, of food…

Real Talk: Stranded at Sea

10 Oct, 2014  |  by Guest Post

If you’ve ever been on the train heading east towards Toronto, and you’ve passed the Mimico stop, there is a beautiful white sign on a fence. It surprises you, catching your eye in the midst of grass and brown buildings. The short phrase “Float On” is written in what looks like white flowers, like either a personal mantra or an urgent piece of advice. Hopping on at the Bronte station on a weekly basis, I began to wait for Mimico,…