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Real Talk: The Real “F” Word

12 Dec, 2015  |  by Kirthan Aujlay
little mermaid

  I still remember the first time someone called me fat. I was 9 years old. My great-grandmother was sitting near me and for some reason felt the need to compare my body to that of my best friend. “Andrea’s skinny. Kirthan’s fat,” she sneered. In that moment, my great-grandmother confirmed everything I had already feared. That I was fat, bigger than everyone else, and most importantly, that everyone noticed. Two years later my height evened out with my weight and…

Lookin’ Good Girl: Discovering your own personal style

3 Mar, 2015  |  by Vanessa Vaillant

Discovering personal style is a journey.  Personal style evolves and changes throughout life, and as a plus size person it can feel hard to define your own style.  There are generally less options in larger sizes, the clothes are often shapeless, and everything starts to look the same.  It took me a long time to figure out my own personal style, and it mostly came from looking towards other fat babes I wanted to emulate.  I’ve asked other members of…

New & Terrifying: From Selfies to Runways & Magazines

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Yuli Scheidt

  In 2013 a new series idea was pitched for FGFS, called New and Terrifying. For the year 2014 I — and anyone willing to join me — wanted to go out and do things we’d never done before simply because the thought of it terrified us. Something I’d always wanted to do was model. For the last 20 years, except for a disillusioned period right after dropping out of Photography School, I’ve been taking photos. There’s been a number…

50th Annual Elmira Maple Syrup Festival

4 Apr, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin

By Megan Stulberg I was recently invited to spend a weekend at the farm where my best friend grew up in Elmira, Ontario. Visiting a town with a whopping population of 9,931, you’d expect a relaxing and quiet weekend in the country, no? Well, it certainly started off that way: I spent Friday evening playing with the family’s seven household pets and watching Come Dine With Me reruns. The next morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 7am and then walked…

Real Talk: I Hate That I Hate That My Boyfriend is Skinnier Than Me

3 Mar, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin

By Alexandra Cioppa In 2013, Adam Levine was named sexiest man alive. And from a strictly objective point of view, sure, he’s a good looking guy. Personally, I’ve never found him all that attractive. Whenever he comes up in conversation (and surprisingly, this is quite often), I always say, ‘yeaaahhh I guess he’s cute but he’s just so skinny, I feel like I might crush him’. This has always been a weird fear of mine. I could trace it back…

[ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT] – Fat In Public an Art Show Presented by Fat Girl Food Squad

1 Jan, 2014  |  by Ama Scriver

After spending the last several weeks accepting applications from artists (far and wide) for Fat Girl Food Squad’s first gallery show, Fat in Public, we are pleased to make the official announcement of the artists whom will be displaying art. *Sam Abel *Sookie Bardwell *Ronald Caddigan *Derrick Chow *Elana Delaney*Amanda Drodge *Kristina Groeger *Melody Krauze *Jessica Levy *Amarina Norris of Ursa Major + *Megan Stulberg *Yuli Scheidt With Fat Girl Food Squad‘s first gallery showing and through our artists selected…

Real Talk — Ample Reason: Re/Framing Approaches to Health and Weight

1 Jan, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin

A few weeks ago, Dr. Jacqui Gingras put on a seminar at Ryerson University called “Ample Reason: Re/Framing Approaches to Health and Weight”. The seminar aimed to “examine current approaches to body weight with a view towards identifying more equitable and evidence-based health promotion efforts”. That probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but I am here to tell you that this idea – that fatness and health are not mutually exclusive – is a BIG DEAL. Fatness…

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Fat In Public an Art Show Presented by Fat Girl Food Squad

12 Dec, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

Fat Girl Food Squad is currently accepting submissions for our first gallery show, ‘FAT IN PUBLIC’.   Running from January 30, 2014 until February 5, 2014 at 2186 Dundas West Gallery. Fat In Public is an art show that dares everyone to embrace just that: being fat in public. Through this, Fat Girl Food Squad‘s first gallery showing, we intend to de-stigmatize the (fat) body and give an outlet for art featuring imperfect and sybaritical characters in equal measure. We want…

Lookin’ Good Girl: Our Fave Crafty, DIY & Fashionable IGers

11 Nov, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

When I started Lookin’ Good Girl back in May it was with a simple (and totally awkward) braid crown video tutorial. I started LGG with the intension of bringing easy, fun and affordably as well as crafty, DIY how-tos to our readers. Under the LGG umbrella we’ve been able to publish a lot of sweet, funny, personal and powerful posts from our writers. It’s become increasingly apparent that those posts need to have a home on the site. They’ve become a huge part of our…

Lookin’ Good Girl: Cawfee Talk with Ama & Yuli

9 Sep, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

In advance of our celebration of being a ‘thing’ for six months and HBIC Ama’s 30th birthday we made a video talking about, well, lots of things. We touch on living with Social Anxiety Disorder and other health issues while being in the PR/Media world, and also how nuts it is how quickly this has grown, how much we love you and we’re excited about the future. The first in the Cawfee Talk series are part of our on-going work…