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Skyhigh for The One Eighty’s new fall menu

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

It was just in March of 2015 that we were invited to The One Eighty to check out the brand new relaunch that happened from itself former self, the Panorama Lounge. While the view from the 51st floor was still the same: breathtaking and an obvious draw – it was the food and cocktails that really had us talking. For starters, the menu had lots of different and playful options, that really speak to the culinary vibrancy of Toronto as…

Garden Brewers Celebrate with The Harvest Party

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Carly Mcleod

Four years ago, Vicktor and Sonja North created “The Ambitious Brewery,” Garden Brewers. Rooted in Hamilton, the brewing couple knew that their purpose would be to make incredible, “bold yet balanced” brews. Their passion for the craft brewing community has developed into complex, yet flavourful beverages that are conversation starters. With their “ambitious” brews, come ambitious (but definitely needed) plans to create a bricks and motar brewery here in Hamilton. Although there is no firm date yet, the very idea…

Boozy Little Black Book: Caramel Appletini

10 Oct, 2014  |  by Vanessa Kunderman

I hope you’re ready to ramp up your beverage making skills with some juicing equipment. The Caramel Appletini requires a juicer to get the fresh apple taste. I don’t suggest making this drink with a concentrated apple juice substitute because you’ll lose the fresh crisp flavour. The Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka is a nice warm counter to the apple’s bite, and keeps this drink on the sweeter side instead of the bitter one. And finally, for your caramel drizzle, make…

Ontario Pork Shares Holiday Recipe Classics

11 Nov, 2013  |  by Ama Scriver

Originally posted to Ama’s twice-weekly column on Toronto Is Awesome. It is going to be a winter holiday that nobody forgets, as I was invited to the Ontario Pork and Zwilling Products food writer dinner at Ruby Watch Co. in Toronto to taste hearty winter pork classics prepared by by Chef Lora Kirk. The evening might just might be the most delicious mouthful I ever tasted, with everything including pork and using thought-out local produce and ingredients. As we entered…

Friday Foodie Five

10 Oct, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

Every Friday we bring you our favourite foodie sights and sounds. Everything from food packaging and food inspired art, to recipes and reviews. 1. Drinks – Autumn Punch   I would love to tuck into a blanket, near a roaring fire with this cocktail in hand.   2. Food Styling – Heavenly Figs   Divine.   3. Little Bites – Brown Butter Rosemary Popcorn   I’m a popcorn addict and this sends me into a slobbering frenzy.   4. Cakes – Chocolate and Caramel…

Friday Foodie Five

9 Sep, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

Every Friday we bring you our favourite foodie sights and sounds. Everything from food packaging and food inspired art, to recipes and reviews.  1. Food Styling – Donuts & Coffee Looks like a cozy fall afternoon to me. Eff the haters, Fall is here. 2. Food Art – Jeff Koons’ “Poodle” reimagined by Photographer Karsten Wegener  Photographer Karsten Wegener has recreated historic paintings with food. 3. Kitchen Envy – John & Jen Vitale via Freunde von Freunden FvF gives us a peek into…