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Dishing out Holiday Recipes with PC® Insiders Collection™

12 Dec, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

Just last week, I shared with you that President’s Choice had released their brand new PC® Insiders Collection™ with over 70 new items for the holiday season.  They had challenged me to take part in their #PCDishOut campaign where I had to make and create dishes with some of the items from the line. Now because I was feeling so inspired, not only did I create one recipe but I created two recipes! These recipes fall into the Brunch and Dinner categories from the new PC®…

TIFF-Inspired Popcorn with REESE Peanut Butter & Chocolate spread

9 Sep, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

It’s that time of year again: it’s time for the Toronto International Film Festival – otherwise known as TIFF. While it is fun to read all about the flashy parties and celebs coming into town, the most important thing about the festival is the eats. Yes, you read that correctly: the food. Every avid movie-goer knows that before you hunker down into your seat, grabbing a bag of popcorn is key. However, for those of us not able to attend…

Ontario Lamb is Something to Taco About!

8 Aug, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver
fgfs Ontario Lamb Tacos1

If you’re like me, you like meals that are quick and easy to make. When you’ve had a rough day at work, you don’t want to spend a long time making dinner.  It’s just another thing to add to the list of added stresses that you don’t want to think about. Another reason dinner hour is important to me is that it’s one of the only times that my partner and I get to spend together. So the other evening I…