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Let’s Eat Persimon® persimmons

12 Dec, 2015  |  by Geo Peck
slicing persimmons

Apparently, it’s persimmon season! I havn’t heard much about this vegetable/fruit until recently, which makes sense as they are only grown in a few different places in the world, and are all shipped to Canada. But I’m glad that they are shipped here, because it turns out they are pretty tasty, and will surely be permanently added to my rotation of veggies. Kind of like a cross between a tomato and a plum, these guys are slightly sweet and have…

Denver: Watercourse Foods’ Annual Harvest Dinner

11 Nov, 2013  |  by Gillian Kreft

Before going vegan my food options were virtually endless. One of the things that made going vegan a little bit difficult was me losing a large portion of my dining options. Don’t get me wrong, I still have options but they are more along the line of 10s instead of 100s. So when Watercourse Foods (one of my favorite restaurants) announced their 5th Annual Harvest Dinner I was super excited. Their harvest dinner is centered on local, seasonal produce and…

Curious Cuts: A Pop Up Offal Dinner with Chef Trish Gill

7 Jul, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

I’m an Alberta girl, through and through. But I also grew up eating more vegan/vegetarian food than most people, wherever in Canada they hail from. While I have had meat from exotic animals like Llama and Emu — something not uncommon in Alberta — liver was as adventurous  as my family ever got (don’t let the German last name fool you). That’s not to say I’m not willing to try. And I recently had a chance to try a whole…