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Tea with a social mission: Tea of the People

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Fiorella Morzi
teacup art

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enamoured with beverages of all kinds. Espresso? Coconut water? Rice milk? All of the above. The passion first took hold in grade school in the form of mass-produced juice boxes; I’m unashamed to say I was still slurping back fruit punch from a straw until a few years ago. Somewhere along the way, I discovered green tea, and I’ve been personally seeking out teas ever since—though I’m now more concerned about…

The Canadian Artisan Tasting Fair wakes restful foodies from slumber

12 Dec, 2013  |  by Ama Scriver

Written by Leigh Van Maaren Photos by Mike Sirois Sunday mornings are not my forte. As somebody who regularly finds themselves unable to get out of bed until 3pm on Sunday afternoons, I’ve long been relegated to all-day brunch places as my only option. When we heard about the Artisan Food Fair at Wychwood Barns on December 1st, however, the promise of a load of delicious cheese a mere 10 minute walk from my front door would get me out…

Cool Down Right Meow: Philip’s Ice Pops

8 Aug, 2013  |  by Ama Scriver

It has been a hot one this summer and sometimes you just need that right treat to cool down.  Perhaps you’ve seen Katie Rachael Walker busting around the streets of downtown Toronto on her modded-out cargo bike selling Philip’s Ice Pops, her delicious creation. The company, which just launched at the end of May, has been serving up some icy delicious ice-pop goodness in several different flavours including: Lemon Ginger Rosemary, Fresh Orange & Vanilla Bean, Salted Watermelon, and Organic…

Kitten and the Bear Adding a Sweet Edge to Parkdale

7 Jul, 2013  |  by Ama Scriver

A small new shop is opening up in Parkdale that is going to add a bit of soft & sweet edge to a neighbourhood perceived as rough and tumble .  Introducing Kitten and the Bear (1574 Queen Street West), founded by Sophie Kaftal and Bobby Zielinski, who have decided to bring their artisanal preserves shop from New Jersey back to Toronto, where they originally met. The idea behind Kitten and the Bear is simple: offer up jams that are beautiful and simple…