Ama Scriver

Ama is a passionate storyteller and community builder. She has used her unique flair for relationship- building in the body image and food community. She has earned freelance credits with Paste Magazine, Biz Bash, Eater and BlogTO. In her off-time, she can be found having serious feels for all things coffee, hip-hop, drag, reality TV and pizza.

You can still find Ama writing away on her blog at
tw: @amascriver | ig: @amascriver

Yuli Scheidt

Yuli is a Visual Communications Artist passionate about community, music and coffee. When not taking photos, mapping data or trying to archive the whole world, she can be found on and offline trying to advocate for women in tech. Her comfort food will always be gravlax.

Yuli has gone on to start Kindred a collection of creatives, doing good work. | tw: @yulischeidt | ig: @yulischeidt


Alex Giamos

Alex aspires to be a witch, a mermaid, and a magical girl (#sailormoonforever), but is right now stuck on Level 22– Giantess. Sometimes she's not on the internet yelling about feminism, and if that's the case she's drinking way too much tea, devouring comic-books whole, and trying to get her mean beautiful cat to love her more. Spicy food always. ♥

Amarina Norris

Amarina has not only her own totally bitchin’ plus size fashion line & vintage shop (Ursa Major +) but also a sprawling collection of mega stylin’ eyeglasses.

Check out the print mag Amarina founded, BUSH | email: | tw: @ majoramarina | tw: @majoramarina | tblr: ursamajorfashion

Aviva Cohen

Aviva is a good kosher jew with a mac n’cheese six pack who mastered the cherpumple on her first try. She collects food socks and portraits of Jughead Jones.

personal site | email: | tw: @suckingalemon | ig: @suckingalemon1 | other: Static Zine

Fiorella Morzi

Fiorella is a writer and adult literacy tutor. When she’s not working on her tea latte skills at David’s Tea, you’ll find her at her local TPL branch shamelessly borrowing books on everything from witches to feminism, or both. She really needs an iced beverage.

email: | tw: @ellafior | ig: @fiorellamorzi | tumblr: celestial-fig

Geo Peck

Geo is a former line cook and current travel addict. There are few things more important to her than food, and in between dreaming of Iceland and ice cream, she's working on perfecting her home recipes. Unapologetic about the importance of a good meal, she is also unapologetic about what she refers to as her "pizza-butt."

Kirthan Aujlay

Kirthan is a social media specialist, pop culture junkie and Tumblr addict. When she’s not ranting about feminist issues on the internet she is planning her next Halloween costume, reading library books or eating some form of chocolate. Her life goal is to become a living version of Pinterest. | tw: @kirthanaujlay / @fatdeathfemmeco | ig: @kirthanaujlay / @fatdeathfemme | tumblr: cremedecocotumbles | side project: coconutcoconuts

Rakhee Sapra

Rakhee is many things. Communications at Blue Ant Media, Host on Style Collective, GTA Board of the Women in Communications and Technology. And a killer photographer & Good Time Haver.

Rochelle Latinsky

Rochelle is a pop culture, indie rock, roller derby, and bicycle lover who is secretly really really into fashion. Also, don’t talk to her about pizza because she doesn’t care. | email: | tw: @rochlatinsky | ig: @rochlatinsky

Vanessa Vaillant

Vanessa is a lover of crafts and Netflix; you can find her cycling the streets of Toronto in a kickass leather jacket, pretending her life is a Wes Anderson movie.

email: | tw: @enchantingghost | ig: @enchantingghost | tumblr: enchanting--ghost


Amanda Spinosa

New York City

A born-and-raised New York babe, Amanda will try any dish once. She spends her leisure hours listening to vinyl with her pitbull Frank, doodling, gardening, exploring, & making a disaster of her kitchen.

Carly McLeod


A fat babe with a little steel in her blood and a lot of feminism in her heart. In love with books. In love with a dude. In love with Hamilton. Her life can be explained in cat GIFs.

Gillian Kreft


Gillian is a vegan foodie, cat lover, and workaholic. She can usually be found with her three cats and her dude/occasional FGFS photographer, Zach, watching Netflix and eating her way through Denver.

email: | ig: @gilliankreft | tmblr: gilamonster

Gwyneth Dunsford


Gwyneth is a professional storyteller and aspiring bon vivante. She tried eating vegan and gluten-free, before realizing that life is too short to diet. Pictured carbo-loading in Burkina Faso. | email: | tw: @gwynduns | ig: @gwynduns | other: soundcloud

Jodie Layne


Jodie lives in and loves Winnipeg, Manitoba with her partner Jamil and dog Jackson. By day, she coordinates a youth program at a neighbourhood centre and by night she is a sex columnist, anti-street harassment crusader, freelance writer, and a vegan food lover.

Kimberley Dawkins


Urban homesteader and writer by day, musician and burlesque dancer by night, Kimberley is a Toronto-born, Ottawa-based polymath with a love for all things DIY and delicious.

Linda Dianne

Los Angeles

Linda is an indie filmmaker who spends every free second on social media. When not behind a computer screen, she's planning her next foodie adventure or experimenting with new flavor profiles in the kitchen | email | tw: @elle_lo | ig: @elle_lo | tmblr: linda-dianne | side project: youtube

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