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Different Ways to Cook with All-Bran

11 Nov, 2015  |  by rochellelatinsky
fgfs all bran

When you think of All Bran the first thing that comes to mind is fibre. Little did I know that the pantry staple of my childhood is an excellent addition to all kinds of dishes. I recently had the opportunity to sample some tasty dishes where All Bran was the star. Chef Craig Harding of Campagnolo graciously opened up his restaurant to myself and a few other media folks to showcase why All Bran is not just a breakfast treat….

A Taste of Ylfa Helgadóttir’s Iceland

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Geo Peck

Every year, an oft forgotten country sends out its feelers to the rest of the world, pleading “I’m here! I’m here! Look at all my awesome things!” And that tiny, awesome country is Iceland. It also happens to be my favorite place, but I really do think you should try to find that out for yourself by going for a visit. If you can’t make it there to meet Iceland in person, there is always The Taste of Iceland to…

Proactiv Chia makes for easy breakfast

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Vanessa Vaillant

Chia seeds are one of the hottest superfoods right now and rightfully so.  They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and vitamins like manganese and magnesium.  Prana’s organic Proactiv Chia has brought these tiny power seeds to the next level by adding probiotics to the table.  As Jamie Lee Curtis has taught us, probiotics aid in digestion and general healthy gut flora.  What’s not to love?  Chia seeds are an easy way to add tons of nutrition to whatever…

Cooking in the kitchen with MissFresh

11 Nov, 2015  |  by rochellelatinsky

October was a pretty busy month for me. In between the election and other life commitments I found myself absent from the kitchen. I like to get at least one super healthy meal in a day to keep my energy up and that good glow on my skin, but time simply wasn’t on my side. Then fate intervened and MissFresh came into my life. MissFresh is the newest company on the block that offers “unique recipes and pre-portioned fresh ingredients…

Meet Us At The Red Tomato

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Kirthan Aujlay
Fat Girl Food Squad visit The Red Tomato

Toronto is all about pizza. It seems that every month there’s a new place in town claiming that its pizza recipe is the only one you need in your life. The options are endless and why not? All you need is a quality crust, flavourful sauce, and cheese and you can do just about anything with it. When Ama and I were invited to try some new additions to the menu at The Red Tomato (a long time staple of…

Best of Pumpkin Spices American Treats

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Kirthan Aujlay
pumpkin spice

As a kid growing up in Windsor, Ontario, cross border shopping was a regular part of life. As most Canadians know, shopping in the States can feel like entering a magical land with endless possibilities. When our dollar is high, the payoff of American shopping is amazing. Lower prices combined with much lower taxes (6% in Michigan) lead to regular shopping sprees. But the best thing about shopping in America is the variety, especially when it comes to groceries. As…

Falling into The Drake Hotel’s new seasonal menu

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver
Fat Girl Food Squad visits The Drake Hotel - carbonara

I’m having a hard time believing it but autumn is finally here and with that comes all the wonderful seasonal weather and foods.  Just recently, The Drake Hotel released its latest seasonal menu and if there is one thing that the Drake does damn right, it is make amazing good dinner menu.  This is all thanks in part to their amazing team of chefs in the kitchen, lead by Chef Ted Corrado.  He and his staff always seem to be able…

Love Food, Give Food: Love Food Fest with Action Against Hunger

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Danielle Morgan
Love Food Fest 1

On October 15, Action Against Hunger had us check out their second annual Love Food Fest. It’s an all you can eat – and drink – affair where 12 Toronto chefs make dishes inspired by a country assigned to them through a lottery. Each of the countries represents a location where Action Against Hunger is actively working to put an end to issues of malnutrition, hunger etc. Some of these included Peru (Celestin), Myanmar (Pai), India (Gushi), Lebanon (Levetto)… Let…

#WomanCrushWednesday – Ashleigh “Bing” Bingham

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Amarina Norris
Ashleigh Bingham

I happened upon Ashleigh “Bing” Bingham in the same way I have found so many of the fashion blogs I like – Tumblr. I Dream of Dapper was created a few years ago as a response to the binary gender divisions in mainstream fashion. I love that the blog has a page dedicated to it’s purpose, to make sure the message reads loud and clear. “Clothing does not make an individual more of a man; it does not make them less…

Just-Eat launches its very own food truck with FREE FOOD!

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver
JUST EAT Food Truck 8

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of Just-Eat.  I’m not even lying when I say this but I ordered from them last night (Mother India, Saag Paneer roti – anyone?).  So if I told you that Just-Eat was taking all the amazing restaurants they have on their website and putting them onto a mobile site, you would call me a liar, right?  Well – I’m here to prove you wrong! Just recently, the company who has…