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Privé Food Thought’s “Tac-O The Town” Is A Taco-Dream Come True

5 May, 2014  |  by Guest Post

There are few things in the world the Ottawa Squad loves more than tacos. As a kid, I’d get to choose what we ate for dinner on my birthday each year and I would choose tacos every damn time. I love tacos that much. Now, all my taco dreams are coming true! Privé Food Thought, the genius company behind the Ottawa Underground Food Market and Sip ‘N’ Slurp, is bringing tacos to their one-of-a-kind foodie festival line-up with “Tac-O The…

Amanda Levitt Talks Fat Body Politics

3 Mar, 2014  |  by Guest Post

Amanda is a writer an activist and the creative mind behind Fat Body Politics. She recently appeared on CNN to speak about her activism and her blog.  Amanda was awesome enough to answer some fat activism questions for Ottawa Squad leader Kelly Bennett.  The Ottawa Squad recently attended an event and we were told it was awesome to have ‘fatties supporting fatties’. Why do you think that kind of support is important in activism? Having a good support system in…

Interviewing a Fat Girl Dancing, Whitney Thore

2 Feb, 2014  |  by Guest Post

I spend a whole lot of time fighting on Facebook but sometimes I get lucky and come across something that blows my mind in the best possible way. A few weeks ago it was this video of NoBodyShameCampaign’s Whitney Thore, called ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’ I scrambled to email Whitney (after I stopped chair dancing) and she was awesome enough to answer some questions for us.

3, 2, 1, DRINK!

2 Feb, 2014  |  by Guest Post

Coke vs. Pepsi Beatles vs. Stones Athens vs. Sparta Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning These are some of the greatest rivalries known to the world. We’d like to add one more: Beer vs. Wine Restaurant International at Algonquin College is offering the opportunity for this rivalry to finally be solved, over a five course dinner specially prepared to match with five beers and five wines. A resident beer expert and sommelier will be on hand to help the diners decide…

Sip N’ Slurp ‘N Ottawa

2 Feb, 2014  |  by Guest Post

One thing we here at Fat Girl Food Squad can get behind is messy eating. Be it overflowing burgers, melting ice cream or sticky stringy cheese, we’re always on the look out for something that lets us really get our hands dirty. Or, in this case, our faces. Sip N’ Slurp is Ottawa’s Noodlefest, brought to the city by Privé Food Thought, the same group who brought us the incredibly successful Underground Food Market. Get your Noodlefest tickets fast; the…

It Gets Fatter Project is Reorienting Desire Tonight in Ottawa

1 Jan, 2014  |  by Guest Post

Tonight Ottawa is lucky enough to have the It Gets Fatter Project in town, hosting an event on Reorienting Desire. The It Gets Fatter Project is a body positivity project, started by queer fat people of colour FOR queer fat people of colour, and this workshop will serve as a space to examine how fatphobia structures our visions of desirable bodies. We reached out to It Gets Fatter Project and they were awesome enough to answer some of our questions….

Ottawa’s Underground Food Market

11 Nov, 2013  |  by Guest Post

So, maybe you have a great food idea. Maybe you’ve got the next cronut (the crookie?) or the next ramen burger (chicken chow mein sandwich?). Or maybe you have an ironclad stomach, a great eye for trends and a really strong opinion on your food. Privé Food Thought’s Underground Chef’s Market is a social event where aspiring chefs, professional chefs and entrepreneurs can premiere their newest recipes and where the adventurous public can try them all out. The Market is going to…

Elevating Ottawa’s Cafeteria Food

10 Oct, 2013  |  by Guest Post

“A burger. Fake grill marks, I don’t even know what they were from, there was no barbecue out back. They must have been drawn on with marker. And then coated in brown gravy sauce. And they sold it as a six minute steak.” -Carley Schleck, Café Urban, Owner. We can all relate to this kind of institutional cafeteria food. Reheated pizza, processed and identical dishes in every university or college we’ve been lucky enough to attend. But for a good…

Lookin’ Good Girl: Cawfee Talk with the Ottawa Squad

10 Oct, 2013  |  by Yuli Scheidt

Here it is! Late due to technical difficulties here at FGFS HQ (what is a blogger without Internet?) but all the same fantastic. The Ottawa Squad was in town for our launch party just the other week so we had them in to the studio the day after (no hang overs, but we still drank lots of cawfee). We talked with the girls about how they came to be the first Squad outside of Toronto, what the food is like…

Vegans in Cheesesteak Town: A Fat Babe’s Pilgrimage to Philly

9 Sep, 2013  |  by FGFSadmin

This comes to use from our Fat Girl Gone Vegan, Traci. It’s been her dream for years to make it down to Philly to meet up with the hosts of her favourite podcast, the Mediocre Show. This year it finally happened and here’s the thick eats she had along the way.  Philadelphia is known for it’s greasy, cheesy, meat filled cheesesteaks. Pat’s and Geno’s are the most famous cheesesteak spots in the city. A bread roll filled with steak, cheese and onions are…