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Top Shelf Preserves

5 May, 2015  |  by Kimberley Dawkins
Top Shelf Preserves Ottawa1

Visiting Top Shelf Preserves’ cozy Glebe workspace is like going to your cool friend’s house— the one who has awesome taste in music and makes amazing homemade… well, everything.   Okay, I don’t actually have a friend like this, but visiting Sara Pishva, the woman behind Top Shelf Preserves made me wish I did. She started the company in 2013, after years in the restaurant industry and the workspace has been active since May of 2014. Ottawans are likely already…

Kimberley’s Homebrew Hijinks: Ginger Ale

5 May, 2015  |  by Kimberley Dawkins

What comes to mind when you hear the words “ginger ale?” Is it a familiar green can or bottle? Maybe it’s the sweet, fizzy stuff you get the morning after a particularly wild night to soothe your stomach. Maybe it’s what you use to toast the New Year instead of champagne. In any event, ginger ale is stunningly easy to make at home, and it’s what we’ll be making this week! As far as fermented drinks go, ginger ale is…

Kimberley’s Homebrew Hijinks: You Can Do It, Too

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Kimberley Dawkins
Tej equipment

Welcome to Homebrew Hijinks. In this series of posts Kimberley will be sharing lessons, stories and thoughts from adventures in homebrewing and maybe even a recipe or two (definitely some recipes!)     From Trappist monks to bathtub gin, DIY booze has been a cultural mainstay since time immemorial — it used to be the only way. Now, beer and wine aren’t the only things you can brew at home and you’re not even limited to alcoholic drinks. The magic of…

Blade & Skillet: Cooking Videos and How-To’s

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Guest Post

Blade & Skillet is a video subscription service that features three minute-long videos with recipes aimed at busy young professionals who want to feed themselves but don’t have time for long cooking shows or inaccessible techniques. The videos help you to get a feel for the recipe while being short enough that you’re not committing a large chunk of your day to watching them. The recipes themselves range from the ridiculously easy (the bruschetta and feta recipe has you putting…

Beer That Tastes Like A High Five: Dominion City Brewing Company

11 Nov, 2014  |  by Guest Post
Dominion City Brewing Company_9_©Mico Mazza2014

Nestled in an industrial building on Canotek Road, the recently opened Dominion City Brewing Company has been proving that not only is it possible to follow your passion, but that you can inspire passion in others at the same time. The brewing company is run by a group of friends who left their office jobs to work at making something tangible. This something ended up being beer. Starting the brewery was a labour of love. Not just the love that…

2nd Annual Toronto Bourbon Week Kicks off Tomorrow

11 Nov, 2014  |  by Yuli Scheidt

Bourbon is still in. Like, way in. Things come in and out of style, but bourbon upswing in popularity has lasted long enough to see the 2nd annual Toronto (and now Ottawa) Bourbon Week. Right now bourbon is on everyone’s lips. Not to be outdone by the other boozy weeks Bourbon Week aims to offer something for new comers and old pros. Each evening between November 14 and 20th will offer a different experience. From the festival opener, again at Indie…

House of TARG – Pinball & Perogies in Ottawa

9 Sep, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin
Kimberley-House of TARG-cocktail

So who or what is TARG, and why are we going to their house? TARG is a video game from 1980. We are going to the House of TARG because it is the newest and best (and only) live music venue/classic arcade/perogie joint to hit the Quiet City. The Glebe and Old Ottawa South are not exactly known for their bumpin’ night spots, and with punk shows, snacks and a monthly zine (complete with colouring page), House of TARG makes…

Ottawa Food Truck Report: Downtown Deliciousness

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Guest Post
Ad Mare truck

This post comes to us from new contributor Alison Chase. She’s been a fat food blogger at for nearly 10 years. She’s also an avid and skilled home cook and baker who lives in Ottawa.  In summer 2013, Ottawa’s long-awaited food truck program finally got off the ground, after years of bureaucratic red tape. About a dozen food trucks and carts launched, mainly scattered throughout the downtown core but also popping up here and there in the west end…

Ottawa Fringe Festival’s Great Curry Cookoff

6 Jun, 2014  |  by Guest Post

We’re super pleased to introduce our new Ottawa squad leader, Jessica! A newcomer to Ottawa, Jessica is a vegan baker–babe ready to take on the city’s eats and treats. She spends her free time digging through crates of records, indulging in coffee, and day-dreaming about roadtripping to Toronto for Sneaky Dee’s nachos. I must admit, the slight mention of “curry” and “cook-off” has my heart doing things usually only caused by Ryan Gosling. So when the Ottawa’s “Great Curry Cook-Off”…

Ringing in Mother’s Day with a PC Black Label Dinner

5 May, 2014  |  by Guest Post
Photo 2014-05-13, 9 57 07 PM

The Ottawa crew reviews a lot of restaurants and events, but did you also know we cook? I’m the chef of the family, so to speak. Give me a big enough kitchen and I’ll whip up some real delicacies. We signed up for a “Spoil Your Mom” selection of products from PC black label and trekked out to my parents’ big kitchen in the ‘burbs to cook my amazing mom a Mother’s Day dinner. Starting out at a newly-renovated “inspiration”…