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Bookmarked: Dietland by Sarai Walker

11 Nov, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod
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As someone who loves books,  (full disclosure: I am a person who usually sticks to non-fiction), I jumped at the chance to read Sarai Walker’s Dietland. Finally, a feminist adult fiction book I could sink my teeth into. Dietland followed me to the beach, and on a road trip this past summer, and is coming out on top as my favourite read of 2015. We meet Plum Kettle, a fat woman who answers as a for a teen girls’ magazine…

Dining at the Harvest Table: Nellie James Too

10 Oct, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the harvest table at Nellie James Too, a new restaurant that has opened in the downtown core. No strangers to Hamilton food scene, Chef Ken LeFebour, and wife, Jacquie, showcased their new gourmet food experience with family style dining. The table was reflection of the fall season, as well as all of the wonderful relationships that they have cultivated through the food community – growers, farmers, bloggers, friends, and foodies. Nellie James Too effortlessly…

The Small Batch Scoop: Foundry Ice Cream

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod
cinnamon brown butter

The summers in Southern Ontario can be sticky, humid, and darn-right sweltering. That’s why, my summer in the city isn’t complete without locally crafted ice cream. Foundry Ice Cream is the newest addition to my #HamOnt weekend routine! Creamy goodness, locally source ingredients, and a unique glass pint jar – you will be coming back to try out all the flavours. Hello, Salted Caramel! I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to chat with Laurel, the founder of Foundry Ice Cream, to…

Wanderlust: A Few Days in Detroit

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod
Burk's Igloo love story.

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. You get the opportunity to explore and to get your senses acquainted with new surroundings. You step out of your comfort zone and create so many new memories. This past June, Yuli, Ama, and I had the opportunity to travel to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference. We are grateful for the support of our readers, friends, and family who donated to make this trip a reality. This experience has humbled…

Fresh Canteen: Cooking Made Easy

4 Apr, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod

We all have hectic schedules, and because of that, we want simple, quick meals. What if things could be easier? What if you could cook exciting recipes, eat fresher food, and do it all without taking a trip to the store? For me, Fresh Canteen is the no-brainer solution. Cooking is a stress reliever for me, and Fresh Canteen makes it even more easy to have a delicious home-cooked meal any day of the week.   Fresh Canteen delivers fresh ingredients for…

Niagara’s Upper Canada Cheese Company

3 Mar, 2015  |  by Guest Post

The town of Lincoln may not be on your list of food lover destinations, but that’s a mistake. Located in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario, Lincoln is comprised of Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, Jordan Station, Campden, Tintern, Rockway, and Pelham Union. In Lincoln, you will find vineyards, fruits and vegetables from the farmers themselves, and some of the best restaurants and shops. One such example is the Upper Canada Cheese Company, the only creamery in Canada whose cows’ milk cheeses are crafted…

Meet Your Meat Maker: VG’s Meat Mentor App

3 Mar, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod

On a cold, cold day in February, I had the opportunity to meet my meat maker at VG Meats in Stoney Creek. VG Meats are a household name and are fiercely passionate about beef. The Van Groningen’s have made meat a family affair by striving for greatness and being innovative with the processes and experience of their business. Each brother in the VG clan has studied a different aspect of the business, with their own distinct and integral role which…

The Rad Grrrl’s Guide to a Self-Lovin’ Valentine’s Day

2 Feb, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod

Every year, the same pesky holiday creeps up on us. For a long time, I hated Valentine’s Day. I hated what it stood for. I hated that I didn’t have anyone to spend it with. I hated that is was just another B-S, commercialized, heteronormative “day”. Take all that aside, whether V-Day is your ultimate, or you are on the fence… I am going to echo the sentiments of one my good friends, Ashley: “Valentine’s Day isn’t something to survive…

Blunders in the Kitchen

1 Jan, 2015  |  by Carly Mcleod
the (almost perfect) banana bread

I place the banana bread in the oven and flick the oven light on so I can see it through the little window. “That wasn’t so complicated,” I think to myself. I start to pack away the ingredients and then it hits me. I forgot the vanilla. “THE VANILLAAAA! Jeremy, I FORGOT THE VANILLA!” I scream, feeling a little let down that the banana bread won’t be “perfect”. I can hear him get up from his chair, half-laughing. He meets…

The Brain Welcomes Tawse Winery Estates to the Menu

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Carly Mcleod
FGFS-The Brain-Tawse-yum

The Brain is one of our favourite places in Hamilton. It’s at the top of our list for best drinks in the city. Located on James St. North, The Brain has been a staple for many as inviting place to meet with friends, a place to enjoy some good conversation, and take in the eclectic atmosphere. Cool vibes, great staff, and awesome sandwiches and pies (Hello, chicken pot pie!) – you can’t really beat it. We gathered on a chilly…