Anna Eidt & Her Vintage Plates for a Modern World

If you’ve ever been scrolling through Instagram, as one does – you might have come across artist Anna Eidt’s plates under the Instagram account name Lousongmade. Her plates are a bit saucy, a bit sassy and a whole lot of fun. One of the very first encounters I had scrolling through her account, was a bright and whimsical donut plate, as documented below.


Photo by Ama Scriver

A month or so back, Anna reached out to us, at Fat Girl Food Squad inviting us over for tea to discuss her vintage plates and feminism and we were super down.  It seemed like an absolute no brainer because Anna’s aesthetic was something we loved and we loved supporting other female artists.  So we booked a time to head over to Anna’s studio in the Annex one day to go chat and well, hang out.  After teaching for several years,  Anna took a break from her full-time teaching job to explore (and focus) on art and her health.  For the last three years, Anna has documented her day-to-day challenges with chronic pain and migraines via her online blog, Migraine Brainstorm.  It was through her art that she found a distraction that took her away from darkness that sometimes overtook.


Focusing since the summer very heavily on her art, Anna would travel to several vintage, one-of-a-kind and antique stores throughout small town Ontario and buy hundreds of plates at a time to ensure she found the right plates and the right look. She explained to us, “The plates themselves give me inspiration and through them, I’m always finding new designs.” Once she had sourced the plates for her art, then she would go ahead matching plates to specific sayings or decide if she was going to paint on them either animals or foods, depending on the design. Anna tells us, “I have friends who text me all the time with different suggestions of what I should put onto the plates, very randomly. It’s great!”


The plates, which are for decorative use only, each have their own wall hook on the back. Anna explains that many people have asked if they can put their own tea-cup or eat something off the plates but since the plates are done with water-slide decals and then baked, it’s not suggested to eat off them as the transfer would come off. The plates retail for $28 (decal) to $38 (hand-painted).  The plates each have their own amazing little saying like “Fuck Gender Roles“, “Be Nice or Leave“, “Cunt” and “I Told My Therapist About You“. Anna tells us that her most popular plates has been, “Fuck That Shit” and “Don’t Be a Dick“.  You can find all of them listed in her Etsy store here.


Anna is hoping to take her business and art to the next level, turning her hobby into a full-fledged business. In doing this, she’s hoping to be perhaps collaborate with more artists – maybe even some whom she loves and admires including No Fun Press, Hatecopy and The Crazy Plate Lady. But until then, she’s trying to get herself into more shows, fleas and make more connections in the crafting community. Anna tells us, “I have felt so supported and so great in the craft community” and it shows as she further develops her vintage plates for this modern world.

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