Come Dish Out on the PC® Insiders Collection™

So if you’re a big fan of President Choice and their innovation products, then you may have heard they just recently rolled out their newest PC® Insiders Collection™ for the holidays.  Um, can I just say it’s mega dreamy?!?

First things first, there are more than 70 different products featured in the line for this year in four different and distinct entertaining including dine, brunch, mingle and gift. Just recently, I had the chance to go and visit the PC® Insiders Collection™ pop-up boutique which has landed in downtown Toronto.  I’m not lying when I say this, but it absolutely magical and whimsical.


The space is divided into four separate rooms highlighting each of the different products from the line with whimsical holiday design and music.  The whole space is entirely interactive (example: a toy train delivering appetizers) and free to the public and the best part: it runs from now until December 19th.


So never one to back down from a challenge, President’s Choice reached out to us here at Fat Girl Food Squad and asked us to participate in their upcoming #PCDishOut campaign taking place from now until December 10th!  The challenge: to help Canadians get creative with the new Collection and get busy in their own kitchens!

Appetizer Flatbreads

Throughout the week on the President’s Choice Twitter account, you will find a series of challenges asking you to put your best hack or recipe spin forward.  Thank you have what it takes?  Then follow along and post your food hack or recipe spin using the PC® Insiders Collection™  products. Whoever posts the best Insiders Collection food-hack recipe will have the chance for their very own recipe to be recreated in the President’s Choice kitchens by a PC® chef and judged by a celebrity, with prizing for the best recipe hack.  Pretty cool, huh?

Cappellacci - Beet & Goat Cheese

And as promised, we here at Fat Girl Food Squad will be participating alongside you in the #PCDishOut challenged. Stay tuned to the blog on Thursday December 10th where we will unveil our very own food hack taking on the PC® Insiders Collection™ dine products including PC® Appetizer Flatbreads, PC® Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Cheesecake, PC® black label Cappellacci Beet and Goat Cheese Filled Egg Pasta and PC® Strawberry Blonde™ Potatoes. Got a suggestion for what we should make? Shout it out to us. Until then, tag us in your future recipe food-hacks!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored however our thoughts, views and opinions are all our own. No companies mentioned in this blog reviewed our posting prior to publication.

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