Food oasis amidst Toronto’s concrete jungle: First Canadian Place’s Food Terrace

For those of us who live and work in the downtown core, sometimes food selection can become a bit of a daunting task.  In a city rich with options, it is never a question of where you want to go but more about what will give you the best experience, who will provide you with a unique experience and what selection will go beyond food for that one hour you can escape your desk (if you can escape your desk) and your just need a little personal rest, relaxation and self-care.

So I’m going to let you in on a personal secret of mine, which I found a few months back when I was invited to a Ladies Who Dine event (hosted by Joanna Sable): the new Food Terrace at the First Canadian Place.


So I know what you’re all thinking: have I literally lost my marbles. No – I really have not!  But here is what I am going to tell you and then you’re all going to realize just how awesome First Canadian Place is (trust me, you’ll thank me later). The Food Terrace at the First Canadian Place is one of those top-secret, hidden away locations (one of the only above ground food court in the Financial District) offering up an outdoor patio, natural lighting, beautiful architecture and my favourite (besides the food, which I’ll get to in a moment) free Wi-Fi, thanks to TELUS Mobility and a plethora of plugs (for cellphones and laptops) around.  Yes folks, this is way better than any cafe where you have to fight for a table or plug.  I know from firsthand experience just how bad-ass the Food Terrace is because I have plopped my butt down here before to chill, enjoy a croissant with a lavender hot chocolate whilst charging my phone and Instagramming a photo or two of some eats from Maman, the bakery and café.  See below for an example:

photo 1

But let’s be honest: I love eating (did you know?) and when I go to eat: I want options. Good options. All the options.  Much like my brother from another mother Daniel at Do The Daniel, I’m a Libra and I thrive on having options – so you know that walking into a place like the new Food Terrace where I have my choice from sit-down restaurants (Cactus Club Cafe, Maman and Vertical – to name a few) or more fast-causal options (Pumpernickel’s, Szechuan Express, Jimmy The Greek, Amaya Express, etc.) – I felt like a kid in a candy store. Legit.

Basically, I am giving you the pro-tips before BlogTO does on places to work/study/eat because I’ve got you! Essentially it’s like this: if you want a cool place to work with awesome food choices, you might want to check out the Food Terrace. It’s quiet, centrally located and beautiful. Which is something that I can really get behind.  Trust me: these are the places I am always looking for and hoping that people will tell me about.  So consider this my gift to you, Fat Girl Food Squad readers! Yes, my face below shows just how happy I am about the news (and that sweet delicious egg roll from Szechuan Express).

photo 2

Now that I’ve shared this insider tip with you – you should go visit soon.  Why you ask? First Canadian Place will donate a percentage of sales made within the Food Terrace between November 30th – December 4th to support the Regent Park Community Food Centre and Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC). Funds raised will support important frontline food programs like healthy community meals, community kitchens and gardens, peer advocacy and community action.

Some of us babes from Fat Girl Food Squad will be eating here and taking part in the campaign during the fundraising week and we hope that you (our readers) will join us!

To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @FirstCanadianPl on Twitter & @FirstCanadianPlace on Instagram. Use the #FCPFoodTerrace hashtag to show us which restaurant you enjoyed and what meal you would recommend me to try next.

During the week of November 30th, also use the #FCPGoodFood hashtag to encourage your friends and family to enjoy a meal at the Food Terrace and raise funds for Community Food Centres Canada along with us.

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