#WomanCrushWednesday – Editor in Chief for the Fader, Naomi Zeichner


This week I’m dedicating my very first #WomanCrushWednesday post to a woman who’s way with words and love of Drake is almost bigger than the entirety of the The 6ix (Toronto).

I recently had the opportunity to meet a long time journalistic idol of mine – Naomi Zeichner. Naomi is currently the Editor in Chief for The Fader. A publication that continues to remain relevant and interesting despite the perpetual slog for page views. Her interview style and casual ease is everything I aspire to be as a [female] journalist.



Zeichner cut her teeth as an intern at The Fader before moving through the ranks and onto Buzzfeed Music. This is where she continued to take risks and ask the types of questions artists are not used to getting asked. It is for this and many other reasons why she is such a badass lady and also my #WCW, for the risks she takes as a journalist to get a story beyond “What’s your favourite food to eat on tour?” (or something equally as mundane).

This depth has also translated into her skillful guidance of long form content on The Fader, both in web and in print. She has the keen editorial and forward thinking eye one needs in this industry. A skill that all journalist should aspire to achieve  given that advertisers are averse to spending money on web despite this being the way of the future.


These are just a few reasons why she rules. I can’t wait to see more of what has yet to come from the genius brain of Naomi Zeichner.

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