Bookmarked: Dietland by Sarai Walker

As someone who loves books,  (full disclosure: I am a person who usually sticks to non-fiction), I jumped at the chance to read Sarai Walker’s Dietland. Finally, a feminist adult fiction book I could sink my teeth into. Dietland followed me to the beach, and on a road trip this past summer, and is coming out on top as my favourite read of 2015.

We meet Plum Kettle, a fat woman who answers as a for a teen girls’ magazine for a living (seriously, what a cool job!), and who is on a journey of her own, of sorts. The audience get a glimpse into Plum’s desperate and lonely life —  the calories counting and the history of body hatred has done a number on her. She’s trying to stick to her plan that will transform her into that thin person she has always dreamed of, but a group of badass women are out to carve another path for Plum. Fierce squads are key to body positivity!

What I love about this book is how Sarai accurately captured the feeling of sadness and emptiness that comes with not loving your body. We have all been there at one time or another and it is rough. Parts of the book transported me right back to how I used to feel about my body, and at the end, my feminist heart was swooning! 

Dietland is the fat feminist book that you have been waiting for. It’s a book chock-full of strong female characters, and a punky story. Walker takes to task the damaging narratives of rape culture and the beauty industry, and what emerges is revolutionary tale, and empowered Plum ready to take on anything. From one fat girl to another — you gotta read this. 

If you are in the mood for a good feminist adventure, check out Dietland, where ever you buy your books (IRL or online)!

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You can also vote for Dietland (as a write-in), for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2015 here.

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