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My Epic Adventure at Mickey’s Halloween Party

I’m the kind of person who enjoys a good scar. The giant one on my knee, for example, is a reminder that I’m up and running after breaking it into hundreds of pieces during a basketball game. The faint one above my lip—oh, nothing but a throwback to the time I fell out of a moving vehicle in Central America. Each scratch, freckle, and scar is a story. So when I came home from Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland covered in blisters and chub rub, I was exhilarated knowing that I went all out


Before I get into my rare chub rub appreciation, let me give you the down and dirty on everything Disney in the fall. Every September, Disneyland transforms the park into a spookier, family-friendly version of itself complete with fall garlands, giant pumpkins, and eerie projections across the park. It’s perfect for those of us who love the taste of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and a cool October breeze but would prefer to avoid screaming at the top of their lungs.




Let’s get to the bare bones (ha!) of Mickey’s Halloween Party:

  1. Mickey’s Halloween Party is a private event that occurs after Disneyland’s normal hours and has been happening, in different iterations, for over 20 years.
  2. The Halloween nights are one of the few times a year when you can come inside Disneyland in costume–AND even as a Disney character to boot!
  3. Special food items and merchandising are found across the park to celebrate the spooky season.
  4. Several rides are updated or completely transformed for the occasion.
  5. Disneyland turns itself into a large and safe Trick-or-Treating area for both children and adults featuring some amazing donated confections and some healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables.
  6. All large scale events like parades and fireworks shows don the holiday spirit.
  7. This is the one time of year Disney villains get their time in the limelight by roaming the park!


I went to Mickey’s Halloween Party with one mission and one mission only: find and try all the Halloween treats around the park. From a sugar skull cookie to Nightmare Before Christmas themed cupcakes and beyond, I was ready to chow down. But, I failed you, dear reader. In fact, I failed miserably. The only food item I was able to score without sacrificing a giant chunk of my time was my favorite, all-year round treat, The Dole Whip Float. A twist on the traditional float, the Dole Whip variety is made with pineapple soft serve floating above Dole pineapple juice. It’s tangy and refreshing and exactly what I needed on this hot day. It was the first stop on my trip and the only stop, as it turns out, to any food purveyor for the rest of the night.





While there were less people at the park than a regular day, it seemed as if everyone was on a mission of their own. Parents were eager to protect their little ones from the record 109 degree LA heat by seeking shelter within treat shops and snack carts, while it seemed like any childless soul had a decision to make: stake out a spot for the large scale events on Main Street or join a queue for the updated rides across the park. As a woman set on getting the most bang for her buck, I set my sights on wasting as little time as possible by running from one end of the park to the other in an effort to ride as many attractions as possible.


Thanks in part to Disneyland’s app, my friends and I had a hard and fast rule: our next destination shall always be determined by anything that has a wait time of fifteen minutes or less. With that one guideline, we would be able to get the most done in our limited time in the park. And I have to say, for the most part, we succeeded. We did a decent amount of Trick-or-Treating, rode some of the Halloween attractions, including The Nightmare Before Christmas version of the Haunted Mansion, sat amongst a sea of human bodies to experience the Halloween Screams fireworks show, and even took pictures across the park!


Overall, the night was successful in many ways but I forgot about a deadly combination that many bodies face: sweat + constant friction + costume = chub rub. I had armed myself with the usual preventative measures, anti-chub rub lotion and a long pair of shorts, but those efforts were rendered useless when you transform into a giant sweat puddle under layers of fabric and LA’s dry heat. And despite the fact that I slowly tiptoed out of the park and into my car at the end of the night trying hard not to focus on the chub rub or my hauntingly pained feet, I would do it all again. The invigorating and positive energy that filled Disneyland that night cannot be beat. And I couldn’t help but to fall in love with all my fellow plus-size folks rocking some truly innovative costumes.

If you would like more information on how to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland, click here.

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  1. Misha says:

    This is such a great article! I don’t know how we missed all the snacks I was so looking forward to it too!