TIFF-Inspired Popcorn with REESE Peanut Butter & Chocolate spread


It’s that time of year again: it’s time for the Toronto International Film Festival – otherwise known as TIFF. While it is fun to read all about the flashy parties and celebs coming into town, the most important thing about the festival is the eats. Yes, you read that correctly: the food.

Every avid movie-goer knows that before you hunker down into your seat, grabbing a bag of popcorn is key. However, for those of us not able to attend TIFF, we’re putting two sweet and savoury popcorn recipes that will have you feel like a star (sans the red carpet).


So here is what you need to make a dope bowl of popcorn. As soon as we saw the REESE Peanut Butter & Chocolate spread released into Canada, we knew exactly what we needed to make. Candied popcorn that you can find at the movie theatre!

This recipe was quick and easy to prepare (15-20 minutes) and cost no more than $12 to make. Plus: tons of leftovers! WARNING – this recipe will result in messy & delicious times so please follow carefully!

Candied Popcorn Recipe
½ cup of popcorn kernels
1 tablespoon of sugar
Oil (Olive, Canola – whatever you want!)
½ cup of REESE Peanut Butter & Chocolate spread and/or Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter
½ cup of each ingredients/candy to put on top, crushed up.

You Will Need:
Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper
2 popcorn bowls
Rolling Pin or Muddler (to crush candy/ingredients with)
Pot of Boiling Water
2 metal bowls for sauces
Spoons (for tasting, mixing)

Pour 1-3 tablespoon of oil into the pan of the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper.
Tilt and roll the pan to coat the bottom and sides over low heat.
Pour a tablespoon of sugar in with the oil to give the popped corn a sweeter taste.
To prepare a full batch of popcorn (24 cups), drop 1/2 cup popcorn kernels and place the Whirly Pop onto your stove.
Hold the side handle with one hand and slowly turn the top crank in a clockwise direction with your other hand. Continue stirring like this through the entire process (about 3 minutes), until you only hear an occasional pop or until the crank becomes somewhat difficult to turn. DO NOT force the crank.
Remove from heat immediately. Open the lid flap (be cautious of steam), lock in place, and pour popcorn into two large popcorn serving bowls.


In a saucepan, bring your water to a boil.
Place on top of the boiling water your metal bowl to melt down the sauces in.
Dump ½ cup of REESE Peanut Butter & Chocolate spread or Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter into the bowl and stir until melted.
For our recipe, we made two different sauces in two different bowl (pictured below: REESE Peanut Butter & Chocolate spread and pictured above: Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter spread).


Once you have your sauces melted down, drizzle them onto the popcorn.
Fold gently until popcorn is evenly coated (see photo below).


From here, you’re going to want to top your popcorn with whatever makes you feel fancy.
Before doing so, crush all candy/ingredients with either a rolling pin or muddler. This will ensure perfect candy popcorn coverage.

For our popcorns we topped them with the following (pictured below):
REESE Peanut Butter popcorn: topped with Reese’s Piece and Pretzels
Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter popcorn: topped with HERSHEY’S Drops Cookies ‘n’ Crème, Toasted Walnuts and Pretzels

Let the sauce cool down on the popcorn and viola! You’ve got yourself a pretty rad snack!


In all honestly – this recipe was quick, easy and totally tasty.
I loved the texture and although I’m not a huge sweets person both the REESE sauce and Cookie Butter sauce added a subtle richness and flavour.
Legit: I may have had two bowls of each one plus – we still have a ton more leftovers to bring for lunch at work, snacks for TIFF or sharing with friends.

Are you going to make this popcorn for TIFF? If you do, take a picture and show us or comment below on how you like to prepare your candied popcorns.

**Please note: this post has been sponsored by Hershey’s Canada. While we have been compensated monetarily and with product – this recipe and review is all our own thoughts/opinions!**

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