Enter a World of Cake Magic with Sweetapolita Bakebook

Flip through the Sweetapolita Bakebook and it presents like a child’s fever dream.

It is the real life version of when Homer ran through the Land of Chocolate or if you ever played the board game Candyland and wished it were real.
This very sweet bake book, created by Rosie Alyea, also the creator of the Sweetapolita website is full of 75 fanciful cakes, cookies and more.
The book is filled with fun cool little surprises like making your own sprinkles, candy birthstone gems, watercolor graffiti cookies, chalkboard cookies, candy clay and edible chalk. It’s the sort of thing that could keep a group of children or even adults occupied for hours.
The cake recipes are a lot more involving — having attempted layer cakes in the past, I know how much work they can be. The layer cakes range from a “simple” Neapolita Cake to a three tiered Candy-Colored Striped Cake. The cakes are beautiful and creative but a little overwhelming for even an intermediate baker.
The book does have a whole section on helpful technique such as how to fill a pastry bag to frosting a cake to fondant lessons. And yes, there is a section for simpler cakes too if you don’t want to spend an afternoon crying on your kitchen floor.
One of the highlights of the book is the frostings and fillings section. Swiss meringue buttercream and toasted marshmallow frosting is an easy way to liven up your favorite cupcake recipe.
The Sweetapolita Bakebook is filled with sweet, silly, creative and visually eye-popping ideas. Even if you can’t make a 9 layer cake just yet, this book would serve well on your shelf for great inspiration for your next baking party.


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