Wanderlust: A Few Days in Detroit

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. You get the opportunity to explore and to get your senses acquainted with new surroundings. You step out of your comfort zone and create so many new memories.

The beautiful Wanye State campus.

The beautiful Wanye State campus were we attended the Allied Media Conference.

This past June, Yuli, Ama, and I had the opportunity to travel to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference. We are grateful for the support of our readers, friends, and family who donated to make this trip a reality. This experience has humbled me, and reminds me that it is a great privilege to travel while spreading the good, thick word.

Detroit is beautiful and has become one of my favourite cities. From the architecture to the food, you stand in awe of a city reclaiming itself. People are working to make their city better, whether they are grappling with limited resources or trying to overcome bureaucratic roadblocks. The folks that we have met are optimistic and positive about the work they are doing. It’s exciting to meet people who are passionate about food and have a love for their city that just won’t quit.

In the past year, I have had the opportunity to travel to Detroit 4 times, and each time, I have strengthened my love for certain places and stumbled across some budding gems.
Here are some of the places we checked out while were in town for AMC!

L-R: Carly, Jenny from DROUGHT, Ama & Yuli

DROUGHT: Jenny from DROUGHT sat down with us to chat about their cold press juices.
Sitting around the DROUGHT board room table, trust it was epic. We learned how sisters founded DROUGHT got started, how their found their passion for juice and why cold pressed it best. Pro-tip: When you feel like you are dying (re: sinus infections) get some Pear-Cayenne Pepper juice on your side.


Sister Pie: A new bricks and mortar location for can be found in the West Village. SP creates a killer mash up of different flavours to have the most lovely crafted baked goods we have had in a while. Whether you are looking for something sweet or savoury, Sister Pie has got you covered. Lisa and the SP crew are sweet as pie! Pro-tip: Peanut Butter Paprika cookies, that is all.

Parker Street Market: Located across the street from Sister Pie, PSM is your one stop shop for local food makers. It’s always neat to see what is stocked at the market, and you can see how closely connected the foodie community is in Detroit, and in Michigan.

Eastern Market: Spend hours here. This market is huge. There are so many things to look at, sample, and admire!

Slow’s BBQ: BBQ! BBQ! BBQ! Choose your meat. Get saucy. And, their craft beer selection is on point.

Yuli Scheidt FGFS in Detroit - Burks Igloo

Desserts: No summer road trip is complete without a frozen treats. We stopped at Burk’s Igloo in Hamtramck!

And… I may have pulled a hard right (safely, and with turning signals) for Frozen Custard. Totally worth it.

BONBONBON: Alex from BONBONBON has created the most uniquely and accurately flavoured sweets . We can see why people love BONBONBON, and their small but mighty sweets. The amazing staff will answer all your questions and patiently wait for your indecisive brain to make a selection. Hands down the best packaging!

Detroit Public Library

Sights: All the architecture. Look up from your phone and look around you. You will thank me later.

Detroit Institute of Arts | Detroit Industry fresco cycle by Diego Rivera

Museum + Art: We caught the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum. The city has one of the most extensive art collections – a definite must see.

Throw in some fat babe shopping, a Trader Joe’s run, some good tunes, and a carnal fear of people not using their turning signals into the mix — and, you have a FGFS weekend!

What did we miss this time around? Tell us your go-to places in Detroit!

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  1. Camilla says:

    I love traveling too!
    Nice pics!




  2. Lydia says:

    Too bad you didn’t stop by the oldest church building in the city! Maybe next time.

    Come by and see us, Ss Peter and Paul Jesuit Church, corner of East Jefferson and St Antoine. New sculpture of the Homeless Jesus out front.