Cottage Dreaming with Desmond and Beatrice and Giftagram


If you’re like me you live for long weekends in the summer. Often times, I will use up what little vacation days I have left at work to stretch out those lovely long weekends.  Unfortunately, Canada Day falls smack dab in the middle of a work week this time and it’s hard for me to escape to the campfire of my dreams.

Even though my cottage weekend dreams have been quashed by calendar woes, I can still reminisce and enjoy what could have been – thanks to Giftagram.  A pretty cool mobile application, Giftagram allows you to send curated gifts, best in class and artisanal products to anyone in Canada.  Using the app, people choose a gift, enter the recipient’s email or phone number and send the present. The recipient then receives a message asking when and where their gift should be delivered, and it arrives two to three days later.

For a limited time (June 24th-July 5th), Demond and Beatrice is offering up S’mores cookies via Giftagram.  For the ultimate “treat yo’ self”, I’m taking an opportunity to order a box for myself to give myself that ultimate campfire feel.  Best part: since they ship to anywhere in Canada, it’s a small consolation for not getting to go away. I’m pretty stoked to be able to experience a small part of what makes summer eats so special from the comfort of my own home.  Order up and have a cookie with me!


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