resources-header-01 – Bitch Media’s mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. – This blog is for women, girls, non- binary babes and other Chubby Bunnies to share their photos, stories and experiences. Not a porn blog! – RENDER is a quarterly magazine that aims to disrupt the canon of mainstream food and cooking magazines. Our mission is to empower women in the kitchen by representing women and their contributions to food culture. Both a stand-out magazine and an online community. – Downloadable PDF – Our pal Jodie Layne believes in you and self care. She and some friends made this beautiful online zine for you. You can print it if you want. There’s lots of nice things inside. – Addie uses the Feminist Kitchen as a platform to write about the sometimes sticky and always changing intersection of  women and food. There’s also a book club and film series! – Podcast that aims to explore the ways we give meaning to food then attach it with power, privilege, and identity. – an online community run by and for young feminists. For over a decade, we’ve been offering sharp, uncompromising feminist analysis of everything from pop culture to politics and inspiring young people to make real-world feminist change, online and off. – a self-identified fat lady with a Dietitians of Canada-accredited bachelor’s degree in nutrition helping people eat normally. – an INCREDIBLE downloadable PDF on fighting fatphobia.


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