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We all have hectic schedules, and because of that, we want simple, quick meals. What if things could be easier? What if you could cook exciting recipes, eat fresher food, and do it all without taking a trip to the store? For me, Fresh Canteen is the no-brainer solution. Cooking is a stress reliever for me, and Fresh Canteen makes it even more easy to have a delicious home-cooked meal any day of the week.



Fresh Canteen delivers fresh ingredients for you to set to work right away. By picking your meals from their creative recipes by Saturday, you receive fresh, quality ingredients by Tuesday evening at 6pm. Not going to be home when you are expecting the delivery? No problem! The Fresh Canteen team is also amazing with keeping you up to date on the status of your shipment. The ingredients will be in refrigerated boxes that are well insulated to keep the food fresh and ready to go. I wasn’t available to meet the delivery, but the pack was left in my lobby. When you are able to open it, you can cook right away.



I got to try out their recipe for Herbed Chicken with Potato Gratin. It sounded fancy, and the recipe was rated easy. Known infamously for my blunders in the kitchen, Fresh Canteen recipe was easy for me to follow and kept me on track. They even instruct you to read over the recipe instructions a few times so you are prepared, which I really appreciated. All the ingredients are there (shy of some olive oil or butter that you are bound to have in your fridge/cupboard) right at your fingertips. Not having to measure anything out saved a bounty of prep time and allows you to get your own rhythm going and focus on cooking the meal.



The recipe turned out fabulously. The meal was fragrant and scrumptious and I feel that quality ingredients and easy to follow recipes really make the difference. At $12.50 a serving, Fresh Canteen provides a great option for those with busy schedules or even an awesome idea for a home-cooked dinner party.

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