Blade & Skillet: Cooking Videos and How-To’s

Blade & Skillet is a video subscription service that features three minute-long videos with recipes aimed at busy young professionals who want to feed themselves but don’t have time for long cooking shows or inaccessible techniques. The videos help you to get a feel for the recipe while being short enough that you’re not committing a large chunk of your day to watching them. The recipes themselves range from the ridiculously easy (the bruschetta and feta recipe has you putting pre-made bruschetta on a baguette) to more moderate difficulty (making pizza dough from scratch), so there’s something for everyone.

Since the recipes are targeted at people with no culinary training (the host himself is a former ad exec), I had two of the busiest people I know make a recipe each and report back on how it went. They both enjoyed using the website, and my dreamboat urban planner partner found the Portobello Mushroom Burger recipe to be delicious and not too difficult, though he found the suggested prep times to be a bit ambitious. The handsome software developer in my life enjoyed his steak immensely and generally found that host/showrunner Dorian Burns-Coyne did a good job narrating.

I tried the macaroni and cheese, and I enjoyed both making and eating it. I found that a lot of the recipes had parts that you could make ahead of time (like boiling the macaroni in the morning and leaving it in the fridge), and would have loved to see that option highlighted where possible. I found the website refreshingly easy to use and enjoyed the lighthearted, casual approach the videos took. The tone of the site is very Liberty Village, but everyone’s gotta eat, no matter their neighbourhood stereotype. The important part is that the food was tasty, the recipes well planned, and the videos easy to follow.

Photos courtesy of Sebastien Dubois-Didcock

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