Meet Your Meat Maker: VG’s Meat Mentor App


On a cold, cold day in February, I had the opportunity to meet my meat maker at VG Meats in Stoney Creek.

VG Meats are a household name and are fiercely passionate about beef. The Van Groningen’s have made meat a family affair by striving for greatness and being innovative with the processes and experience of their business. Each brother in the VG clan has studied a different aspect of the business, with their own distinct and integral role which sets VG Meats apart from other butchers and companies.


VG Meats kindly invited some of the sweetest foodies around to experience their Stoney Creek Meat Shop. We talked with the VG Meats Family about their passion for meat and to celebrate the launch of their new app: Meat Mentor.

I’ll be frank, I enjoy eating meat but I want to be more in control of what I purchase, and knowing is half the battle. I want to be more responsible with my meat purchases, knowing where it was raised and even what it was fed. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to ask silly questions, but at VG meats they are passionate people who are trying to help you understand the process. They are proud of the products that they offer and they want you to get excited about what you are making for you and your loved ones.


In celebration of the launch of their new app, VG Meats pulled out all the stops.


Deliciously prepare meat. We were truly spoiled. Say hello:


Stuffed flat iron steak sandwiches with red peppers, onions and aged cheddar, served on foccacia with a lemon aioli.


Mini mignons (aka: Meat Lollipops) which were bite-sized filet’s wrapped in bacon.


Pulled beef sliders topped with a stilton marrow mousse.


Also, a #meatselfie shop happen any time you let foodies into a meat shop.

We had a chance to experience their Stoney Creek shop and talk to the VG Meats Family about their passion for meat and to celebrate the launch of their new app: Meat Mentor.


The VG Meat’s Meat Mentor app is easily used and can maximize your farm to table experience exponentially. Simply open the app and scan the QR code on the VG Meats packaged food, and you have fully traceable beef! The app is able to pull up information about the cut of meat that will help you make a more informed decision about your purchase.


I was very impressed with their scientific knowledge that has influences their practices, including how they test for how tender your meat will be once you bring it home.

The app puts important information back into the hands of the consumer. It educates you on where and where the meet was harvested, gives creative recipes, and allows you to keep take of your favourite cuts of meat for future reference. The VG Meats Family blew me away with how they want to connect with their community. It is about engaging and educating with an app! We had a chance to try out their app at the shop and scan the cuts of meat that we were enjoying. It’s a conversation starter and I believe will change the way consumers shop for meat products.


If you are ever in Stoney Creek/Hamilton or Haldimand area, I highly recommend visiting their shops. They have an extremely knowledgeable staff who are up for dishing out recommendations and a great selection of meats, cheeses, sauces, and prepared foods. Find them at VG Meats131 Upper Centennial Pkwy, Stoney Creek, Ontario. 

You can also download the MeatMentor app. Available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

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