The Rad Grrrl’s Guide to a Self-Lovin’ Valentine’s Day

Every year, the same pesky holiday creeps up on us. For a long time, I hated Valentine’s Day. I hated what it stood for. I hated that I didn’t have anyone to spend it with. I hated that is was just another B-S, commercialized, heteronormative “day”. Take all that aside, whether V-Day is your ultimate, or you are on the fence… I am going to echo the sentiments of one my good friends, Ashley: “Valentine’s Day isn’t something to survive if you’re single, it’s just another day to keep being awesome as f*ck.” So instead of “surviving”, we are going encourage you to live and love yourself. We are full supporters. Embrace that idea. We don’t appreciate ourselves as much as we should. This V-Day it’s all about you! That’s why I have put together these hot tips on Self-V-Day-Love for Rad Grrrls.

Manicure + Pedicure Combo
This is the ultimate grrrl self-care tip – get your nails did. It feels nice and you deserve something nice.

Splurge: Get some fancy nail art done. Seriously, get that nail game on.


Sometimes you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Work out those kinks in your neck with a good massage. Having a Galentine’s Day? Spread the love by having your friends swap massages while you are watching movies.

Splurge: Can anyone say SPA DAY? Go the whole nine-yards with a full body massage.


Bath Bombs
Spend some quiet time in tub with some sweet bath bombs. Not only will you feel the stress of the day washing away, you will inadvertently smell super fresh. I recommend taking a trip to Lush. They have the most beautiful bath bombs. Get in touch with your inner granny with this one.


A Netflix Account

You think I am kidding. I am not. This is one of the best relaxing things to do for $7.99/month. Curl up under some blankets and binge watch The Mindy Project or watch a comedy special. I highly recommend Iliza Shlesinger’s comedy specials, I laughed so hard, I cried. Boom. Dats it.


A New Book or Album

You like to read? Get yourself that book you have been eyeing. Stop reading the GoodReads reviews. You know you will enjoy it. Your favourite artist just came out with a new album? What have you been waiting for? You could be having a living room dance party right now!

mindy mindy2

Succulent/Floral Arrangement

Your place might seem a little drab, brighten it up with a unique succulent or airplant. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. These plants practically survive on their own. Find a cute home for your plant and away you go. Water sparingly! Succulents not your thing? Get yourself a fresh arrangement from your local flower shop! Better yet, get to know rad flower design babes, like Joanna Aitcheson, and you will not be disappointed.

Sign Up for a Workshop/Class

Stuck in a rut and want to brush up on yo’ skills? Want to learn something new? Take a class. Whether it’s painting, sewing, knitting, wood carving, coding, cooking… There’s a class out there for you. Bring a friend or fly solo, you are bound to impress people with your new skills.

Check out Needlework, HandKnit, and the Mustard Seed Co-Op in Hamilton, or The Workroom and The Shop  in Toronto. Check out your own local listings for skill shares and other creative spaces. Already got the skills but lack the tools? Check out places like The Hamilton Tool Library and The Kitchen Library in Toronto (which has a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!).


(What I think using a chocolate fountain should be like, but OBVS, IT’S NOT RECOMMENDED.)

New Bling

I know you have been looking for some updated jewelry. This is the perfect time to do it. Check out your local artisans to find something one of a kind to add to your collection.

High on my list are the Rare Specimens Pyrite Studs and Natalie Joy’s Sundown Ring (her stuff is available at Victoire in Toronto and Ottawa.)

DIY-ers Wanted: Give an already loved piece a little update!  The world is your oyster!

A Podcast Binge

I love a good story. I love me some quiet time. That’s why podcasts are my jam. There are so many stores out there for you to listen too. If you are like me, and you are up on your podcast listening, you have already blown through all the Serial episodes you could get your hands on. (Sarah Koenig, will you be my Self-Care Valentine?) If not, Serial is where you want to start!

Sit back, enjoy, and let the storytellers get you laughing, crying, or cry-laughing. Other Podcast recommendations: This American Life, Snap Judgement, The Moth, How Did This Get Made, Death, Sex and Money… this list could go on forever. Find all of these in more whereever you get your podcasts!

Inquiring Minds: If you are looking for more recommendations ask friends if they have listened to anything good lately. They probably have!

Take YOURSELF Out for Something to Eat

This is my favourite thing to do. Ignore all the stereotypes of people who say this is the worst thing, they probably haven’t done it before. It is a time for you to check in with yourself. Clear your head (and add some wine). You can plan your entire week out while having good food – there’s nothing bad about this at all. It’s the best. Early bird? Take yourself for pancakes. Night hawk? Hunker down for some good ol’ comfort food. You don’t have to awkwardly ask for a table for 1, OWN IT. You are taking yourself on a hot date.

Introverts Wanted: If this is seriously not your jam, try making your favourite dish at home or order take out. Heart shaped pizzas are in this season.

A New Mug and a Fancy Drink to Put In It

Mugs are my favourite thing to collect. A gigantic mug with a cute design filled with warm liquid brings me so much inner peace. I get that from my Gramma. I have a Mug Wish List because I love handmade household goods. I am eyeing Julia Walther’s Black/Gold Frames mug and all the mugs from Bread and Butter Pottery. Treat yourself to some locally roasted coffee or dark hot chocolate. Best in combined with a good podcast, a sweet magazine (dealer’s choice), or a cookie (optional… but not really).

Already met your mug quota: Skip it and jump right to your favourite fancy drink.

A Fancy Ingredient

I am the point in my life where blog posts like this one thrill me to no end. Seriously. I appreciate websites, like The Kitchn, that are dedicated to the foodie who has the hunger for constant self-improvement. And the right ingredients can make the difference. Splurge on that vanilla you were thinking of re-stocking! Get that Maldon finishing salt that you want so bad. (I have added crispy salt to my wish list and was literally laughed at – but a grrrl needs that MINERAL.) You will feel fancy baking up a storm.

Recommendations: Maldon Salt, Local Honey, or Exotic Vanilla

DIY Kit for Foodies
The holy grail of DIYs – ones that you can EAT/DRINK. Have you wanted to make some fresh mozzarella? Or make your own gin? GET. IT. GRRRL.


Not into buying a kit? Find a recipe online and work through it. You will be glad you did. Success is Rhubard Schnapps. You are welcome.

February 15th – 50% Valentine Themed EVERYTHING
Hey, you really wanted that heart serving tray that will work for all your entertaining needs. In the words of Donna, “Treat yo’self”. Why not pick up the heart-shaped cake pan and heart shaped sprinkled? You need some red napkins, and February 15th has got you covered. ALSO, CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLATE. Do you see a pattern here? Yes, CUTE (AND POSSIBLY DELICIOUS) sh*t for cheap. Be a Clearance Queen.



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