The Brain Welcomes Tawse Winery Estates to the Menu

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The Brain is one of our favourite places in Hamilton. It’s at the top of our list for best drinks in the city. Located on James St. North, The Brain has been a staple for many as inviting place to meet with friends, a place to enjoy some good conversation, and take in the eclectic atmosphere. Cool vibes, great staff, and awesome sandwiches and pies (Hello, chicken pot pie!) – you can’t really beat it.

We gathered on a chilly pre-winter night for a tasting at the b Contemporary Gallery space to try the wines soon on offer at The Brain. As fans of The Brain’s craft beers selections, we have admit that we were very excited to learn that they would be adding a selections from Tawse Winery to their menu. Voted the ‘Canadian Winery of the Year’ (2010, 2011 and 2012) by Canadian Wine Access Magazine, The Brain wanted to showcase Tawse because of their reputation. This event was a perfect way to get acquainted with each drink in Tawse’s portfolio and learn about their commitment to certified organic and biodynamic winemaking methods. Owned and operated in Vineland, Ontario, Tawse Winery Estates creates wines that speak to a sense of place and with an environmental responsibility.

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We were greeted by warm, rosy-cheeked familiar faces, and a gentlemanly fellow, whom we would come to know as Brian Summerscale. Brian shared his passion for Tawse and shared in our enthusiasm to be able to access their selections locally at The Brain. From the Riesling to the Rosé, Pinot Noir to the Cab Merlot – each wine in the Tawse line-up are exceptionally food-friendly, complimenting the cheese and pie pairings available at The Brain in their own way. It wasn’t hard to get deep in conversation about our favourites, the Riesling for its versatility and peach-citrus flavours, or the Gamay Noir and its medium bodied flavours that was a hit with the chorizo pie.

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Next time you are in Hamilton, stop by The Brain. Get yourself a slice of savoury pie made by Anna, a glass of Tawse Riesling (Carly’s favourite), and a Mickey Mcguire’s cheese plate. You won’t ever want to leave.


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