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I’ve always had a bone to pick with various clothing stores and fashion lines: why don’t they have plus size? I constantly find cute clothes online only to find that the biggest size they make is a 10 and my dreams are crushed. Over and over. Many people and companies alike don’t understand that the fashion industry mostly inhibits fat girls from dressing fashionably. And we’ve had enough of it! I joined the fat girl club at the end of my teenage years, and my frustration has only grown since then. Rather than just adding more fabric to a 0-10 garment, stores have taken it upon themselves to create a whole new section with different clothes for bigger girls, and the results are less than thrilling. Tops are plastered with tacky designs and fabrics, and the bottoms are lacking any sort of style other than “big”. They are simply made wider and in that process the garment loses any shape it once had. Everything is boxy and cut incorrectly and it’s really frustrating.

Mallorie Carrington realized at a young age that not all bodies are the same. Some of us have bigger hips, others have larger busts and some are fuller in the middle. There are endless combinations of bodies; there are no two alike in the world, and that’s what sparked the fire that later became Smart Glamour. Body positivity has always been at the forefront of Mallorie’s creative process. Not only does she strive to make clothes that make women feel beautiful, but through her line she encourages women to know their measurements and love them as they are. Not only does she create clothes in all sizes (XXS to 6X), but every single garment is completely customizable to fit your body like a glove. What is really amazing about Mallorie is how she values the woman figure as a source of inspiration and takes real life experiences and applies them within her design.

I was granted the amazing opportunity to witness history in the making: A Smart Glamour fashion show. And no, the models were not hired from an agency. These were real New York City women with no modeling experience, and that in itself reinforced Mallorie’s idea. Every single woman was dressed in exquisitely tailored design, and as each walked down the runway, they were smiling from ear to ear. It’s funny to think that Smart Glamour is such a revolutionary idea because the philosophy behind it is so simple. Rarely have we, as a society, heard of any instances in which fashion companies embrace the millions of shapes and forms of the human body. This is vital in the lives of both women and girls growing up in a world in which we are taught to hate our bodies. That is what makes Mallorie a trailblazer in not only the fashion industry, but in promoting positive representation of our gender as a whole.

Mallorie Carrington, right Photo Credit: Amanda Spinosa

Mallorie Carrington, right
Photo Credit: Amanda Spinosa

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