2nd Annual Toronto Bourbon Week Kicks off Tomorrow


Bourbon is still in. Like, way in. Things come in and out of style, but bourbon upswing in popularity has lasted long enough to see the 2nd annual Toronto (and now Ottawa) Bourbon Week. Right now bourbon is on everyone’s lips.

Not to be outdone by the other boozy weeks Bourbon Week aims to offer something for new comers and old pros. Each evening between November 14 and 20th will offer a different experience. From the festival opener, again at Indie Alehouse with Fingers and Bones, serving up fingers of the sweet sticky alcohol along side some equally sweet and sticky ribs. Or opt for a daylight sipping with the Bourbon Brunch at Insomnia this time around, where you can tap into some of two exclusive in-house kegged bourbon cocktails. You’ll probably appreciate the 3pm late start.

Come out and taste the freedom with us!


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