Boozy Little Black Book: the Raspberry Rose Ginnie

The Raspberry Rose Ginnie calls on some exquisite floral water, which adds some really complex flavours to the gin and muddled raspberries in this recipe. I’ve included my rosewater recipe below in case you don’t have any rosewater handy – I know I didn’t! I also used dry gin for the ginnie, but you can really use whatever you have on your bevvie cart.


If you want to sweeten this bevvie on top of the raspberry and rose flavours, feel free to add a dash of simple syrup or lemon juice. Have fun!




ice cubes
Rose petals (I used petals from four pink roses)
large basin or pot
short glass
small dish


How to:
1. Place a short glass in the middle of your basin, and set a small dish atop it to catch your rosewater in.
2. Surround the centre glass with rose petals and add water until the petals are submerged.
3. Cover your pot or basin with an inversed lid and bring to a boil.
4. Once the mixture is boiling, sit ice cubes on the top of the inversed lid.
5. Boil until all the ice cubes are melted. Remove the lid and remove your collected rosewater in your centre dish. There won’t be much.


Raspberry Rose Ginnie

ice cubes
1/3 cup raspberries
2 oz gin


How to:
1. Place raspberries and hot rosewater in shaker. Muddle together with spoon.
2. Add gin and ice cubes. Shake.
3. Pour mixture over ice, raspberries and rose petals in a glass.


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