Boozy Little Black Book: Coco Mojito

This is my absolute favourite drink. When you’ve had one of those busy work weeks and the blood in your veins seems to sing TGIF, the coco mojito is the perfect quencher to help you leave work at work. But I’ll warn you right now – you can drink a lot of these. And with two shots per bevvie, you might be in bed by 8PM.


This drink is chocolatey and coconutty, but like any mojito, it’s the mint that makes it pop. Be sure to clap the mint between your hands before you add it to your glass to really help the scent and flavour bloom. Clapping the mint “bruises” the leaves and opens up the nerves without overdoing it.

Honestly, I make a pitcher of these on Fridays.


Coco Mojito

ice cubes
mint leaves (clapped)
1.5 oz Coconut Rum (I used Parrot Bay)
1.5 oz Kahlua
splash of lemon juice
club soda


How to:
1. Add ice and mint leaves. The ice helps keep the mint leaves throughout the glass and not floating up to the top.
2. Add rum and Kahlua.
3. Fill glass with limeade.
4. Add a splash of lemon juice.
5. Top with club soda, stir and serve.


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