And We Tilt: Three FGFS Tee Designs For Sale!

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THANK YOU to everyone how pitched in to our Tilt campaign! We hit our goal and the tees are funded. Even more fun is our plans to roll out more merch can happen. 

We have something to tell you that we’re really excited about.

Since FGFS started we’ve talked about getting merch made. Maybe some coffee mugs with our logo (which we lovingly called the Food Baby) on them. Or maybe some totes? you asked for it; we dreamed about it. We also thought about all the talented friends we have and started asking if they’d like to design some art for us.

For this special pre-sale we commissioned three t-shirt designsby local Toronto artist Lee Meszaros to help us launch our official Fat Girl Food Squad swag. A portion of the t-shirt sale will go back to the artist. And of course, this is all going to help us fund more merch and more of the great FGFS events and coverage you’ve come to love (and we love you for that!).

Our tees are being printed by local Toronto shop, Good Kids. Shirts are available in plus-sizes and all tees are 100% cotton. You can find sizing details here. The price of the t-shirt includes shipping except in International Cases where a premium is added. We’re running this sale through Tilt that’s just come to Canada. It’s like other crowd-funding sites but one a smaller scale. We’re usually Go Big Or Go Home here at FGFS but this is our first time dipping toes into these waters and Tilt was a perfect fit.

Support your local Girl Gang and put some cloth on your back!

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