Boozy Little Black Book: Cherry Noir Collins

Contributor Vanessa Kunderman is back with her weekly tips on making your own alcoholic bevvies. Here’s her second installment, this time on a fruity little ombre drink. 


I admit it, this recipe calls for those gloriously plump black cherries, but a good old-fashioned red maraschino will do the job. After all, the cherries will be drunk, and they won’t know if they’re black or red.

Ms. Collins is bright on the palate, but she totally revolves around the creamy rich taste of Grey Goose Cherry Noir vodka, so splurge on a bottle for this recipe. The vodka’s sophisticated flavour is softened by her cherry hue. This drink is a young Carrie Bradshaw and it should have been served at her book launch.

front with GG

Cherry Noir Collins


ice cubes
splash of grenadine
2 oz Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka
splash of lemon juice
drunken cherries


How to:

Drunk Cherries

1. Poke your cherries with a fork and then let them soak in a small dish of vodka for a few hours. Let them sit overnight if you’re organized and patient enough. Get those girls drunk.

Cherry Noir Collins

1. Pour grenadine over your ice cubes. Skip this step if you want the ombre effect.

2. Add vodka, lemon juice, and Sprite, and top with drunk cherries (and grenadine if you skipped it earlier.)



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