Boozy Little Black Book: The Amaretto Fresh

This post comes to us from new contributor Vanessa Kunderman. She’s a design and writing freelancer, with a financial column targeted at Millenials, and her latest fantasy and sci-fi novel will be out this fall. This is the first installment in her Boozy Little Black Book, a series of delicious and easy drink recipes. 


There is nothing more satisfying than drinking cute bevvies on the patio. And with summer making a beeline for fall, it’s time to test as many new drinks while the air is still warm.

A quick staple I keep in my boozy little black book is the Amaretto Fresh. I tweaked it from a local restaurant because booze. It’s girl and guy friendly and not too sweet (read: you can drink more than one). Our friends have started requesting the Amaretto Fresh when they come over, earning it a permanent spot in my liquor cabinet.

Happy drinking.



Amaretto Fresh


  • ice cubes
  • 3 dashes of bitters
  • 2 oz Amaretto (that’s two shots, baby)
  • ginger beer, lots
  • limeade, couple splashes

Add ingredients and serve it short or in a cute mason jar.


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