FGFS takes their #PANTSOFF with JustEat.ca


In case some of you avid FGFS haven’t noticed – a lot of us here are pretty avid fans of pizza. You might say, it’s one of our favourite things to eat. So when we were approached by Just-Eat.ca to host our pizza party, the resounding answer was: YES!


Using Just-Eat is pretty simple: log on, enter your postal code and bam! Food choices galore! I must admit that I have had many lonely nights with Just-Eat, but they’ve always managed to cheer me up – with food obviously. One interesting tidbit Just-Eat.ca shared recently was that most people who use their online ordering system do so while pant-less. Uh, convenience and comfort. In2it.


Which circles back to our pizza party, I swear. Just-Eat provided us with the most epic (and amazing) swag to promote their new contest titled #PantsOff. Just-Eat wants their customers to take their pants off too and thus created cute pizza boxes (available at certain pizza shops) for people to showcase their own #PantsOff pizza party.


The contest runs from July 31st and August 31st 2014 and 30 random (ahem) exhibitionists will be chosen at random to win a sweet #PantsOff prize pack packed with an awesome iPad Mini, iTunes gift card, Just-Eat swag and more!


For our pizza party, we decided to order from Roncesvalles own Pizza Flora because they had pretty rad custom pizzas which we certainly indulged in. The best part about our order? The party wasn’t kicking off until 7PM and we were able to set our time of delivery. Uber score!


It was also a pretty rad night for all of us at FGFS to just get together, eat pizza and be ridiculous. I mean, even Aviva busted out her pizza socks which meant the night was clearly a big deal!


If you wanna join in all the #PantsOff fun that we had, then I highly suggest entering the contest. If even you can’t get one of their custom designed boxes, MAKE YOUR OWN. Because trust us, hilarity will ensue.


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