Older, Wiser and still (Bad) Feminists – meet your Admin Team


This post has been edited from its original.

As a loyal FGFS supporter and reader, you may have noticed that we have undergone some changes in the last little bit. Some have been cosmetic and some have been growing pains.

Back in April of 2013, we started Fat Girl Food Squad as a space for bodies of all sizes to promote eating good food and feeling good doing it. Hell, we told all y’all there was a fat girl living inside every single one of ya. Fast forward to now, all of this is still true.

But we’ve grown up. The blog has grown up, and we’ve grown stronger. Each and every single day we’re learning about new things. To quote Roxanne Gay, we’re bad feminists. Feminists, but bad ones. We’re human. We’re messy and sometimes we fuck up.

We are trying to create a safe space and support all the things that we believe in, and do it with a true heart and an open mind. We are trying to do good in this world by ourselves and by others. Sometimes though, as damnest as we try, we still fuck up. We don’t do things maliciously, and we certainly never intend to outwardly support brands or causes that hurt our goals, mission, or especially the amazing community we have built around us.

We’re reasonable people, and we want you to call us on things that you think we could be doing better. We are transparent about why we cover the things we do, and we are always open to a second opinion on why we might want to reconsider coverage of an event or product. Please don’t presume the worst in us. We’re working hard to make the world a more loving and accepting place, but we aren’t perfect, and we need your help.

What we’ve always wanted to do is create a dialogue with y’all, and if we’ve done something that seems un-cool, let’s talk it out. Feminism starts with open dialogue and we want to work together with you, our readers, to build something rad and fix our wrongs. We are all in this together. Let’s work together rather than working against one another!

One of the biggest and most exciting changes to ensure that we stay open and accountable is our new three-pronged administrative and editorial team. Between the three of us we can now better manage requests for coverage, calls for content, social media, and event planning. We’re living the dream thanks to FGFS, for real.

If you have any questions or ideas of what you would like us to cover – shout us out. We would love to hear from you because you give us life.

Your Admin Team,

Ama, Yuli and Siobhan

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