Le Dolci — Cooking Classes Just Got Sweeter

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words by Ama Scriver | photos by Yuli Scheidt

If you love food half as much as I do then you’re probably also left wondering sometimes, “How do they do it?”.

Thankfully, there are several cooking classes around the city to indulge those Masterchef feels, but the ones that have really caught my eye lately are those offered by Le Dolci. Owner and operator of the quintessential French bakery, Lisa Sanguedolce, has ventured outside the realm of pastry for the summer and introduced a new series of Trinity Bellwoods Market Classes.

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For each class ($139 per person), participants cook & dine together with fresh and local ingredients sourced from the Trinity Bellwoods farmers’ market, with the help of Chef Christophe Measson. When Yuli and I were invited to try one out, to say we were excited is an understatement.

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To being, we were introduced to Chef Christophe, a Lyon-native and pastry professor at George Brown College, who would walk us through the market and the kitchen. Zigging and zagging through the farmers’ market bartering for meats, cheeses, and vegetables (“Not enough protein, we’ll get more cheese! Not enough radish? we’ll get more fiddleheads!”) felt like an adventure in itself as Chef Christophe explained to us what each ingredient was and its importance to our upcoming meal.

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As we arrived back at the classroom, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and ruminated on our experience at the market, Chef Christophe disclosed the menu for the evening:

Buckwheat blinis topped with sheep’s cheese, mushrooms, smoked trout, and chives
Arugula, baby kale, and radish salad dressed with olive oil and lemon
Organic pork chops marinated in honey, olive oil, sage, garlic, spices, and lemon zest — breaded, fried, and finished in the oven
Green goddess sauce for the handsome pork chops
Fiddleheads, rapini, and asparagus
Almond streusel with poached rhubarb, rosewater, and Italian meringue

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We were divided into teams and set to tackling different dishes. Yuli and I managed the green goddess sauce (which was incredible) and the Italian meringue (uh, this was not easy). Let’s just say that when the meal was complete, we felt pretty accomplished.

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Cooking together in a group was so much fun. We were never left on our own — there was always someone by our side to help us along. It was such a team effort all the way. When dinner was finally served, we drank more wine, enjoyed our new-found friends, and devoured our entirely locally–sourced dinner. I was also really happy to realize that I can buy amazing things from the market and more than likely cook them myself (thanks to Le Dolci and Chef Christophe) without too much effort or fuss.

Visit Le Dolci’s website to see their complete schedule of classes.

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