Lookin’ Good Girl — Dear Kate, A Love Letter to Your Butt


As a fat babe, it’s hard to find underwear that are functional, cute, and comfortable. Either they don’t reach “over the fold” and dig in where we’d rather they skim over, or they’re made up of tacky synthetic lace, only increasing your thigh sweat and the dreaded chub rub chaffing. Finding Dear Kate just about a year ago is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself below the waist. It’s funny that wearing a little secret underneath your clothes can help you feel more confident and like you have your shit together.

Created by women, for women, they’re the holy trifecta of gorgeous, high-performance, and so soft and breathable that you just can’t wait to slip into them. One part saucy minx and one part smartest thing ever, Dear Kate’s underwear are designed to give a little extra coverage for babes on their period. Their absorbent, super-soft and strechy moisture-wicking fabric not only feels good on your butt, but has your back too. It also makes them great for folks with a leaky bladder (hey mamas-to-be!) and I love them for my PCOS: the material is awesome when I have fluid from a burst cyst draining (so sexy, I know).


The styles are named after inspirational women and come in a myriad of rises, styles, colors, and coverage. Ranging from sizes XS to 3XL (in their “Queen size” collection), there’s truly a set for every body type. Their delicate feminine aesthetic is more minimalist-femme than princess-y. They run on the pricey side due to their high quality and sweatshop-free construction, but are beyond worth it. You can build your wardrobe one pair at a time or spring for a 3-pack in style catergories ranging from “fancy” to “athletic”. They’re also delicates and need to be hand-washed or washed in a lingerie bag — a lesson I learned the hard way when my super sweet partner threw them in with a regular load.


I obviously gush about my Dear Kates to anyone who will listen, so I’m glad to see their eventual takeover of the world (or at least apparel) is nigh now that they’re branching into activewear with their new #GoCommando yoga pants and shorts. They finally wised up to the secret I’ve known all along: that exercising without undies on is the bomb! Not worrying about bunching or slipping and having to adjust yourself in the middle of downward dog is a total load off. That way you can be fully present and focused on your alignment rather than your panty line.

Combine that freedom with their technology and you’ve got a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for yoga pants that are made to fit every body — no sheerness, no pilling no matter whether you’re an XS or a 3XL. Seeing a company that not only designs for diverse women, but also features them in their ad campaigns gives me serious warm fuzzies. And apparently it’s inspired over 500 people to pledge over $60,000 (more than 4x their goal!) to help make their dreams come true and create the first run of these dreamboats. You still have 24 days to get in all of that Kickstarter goodness! Here’s to yoga pants and lingerie for perfect bodies, and all the shapes and sizes they come in.

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