Ringing in Mother’s Day with a PC Black Label Dinner

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The Ottawa crew reviews a lot of restaurants and events, but did you also know we cook? I’m the chef of the family, so to speak. Give me a big enough kitchen and I’ll whip up some real delicacies.

We signed up for a “Spoil Your Mom” selection of products from PC black label and trekked out to my parents’ big kitchen in the ‘burbs to cook my amazing mom a Mother’s Day dinner. Starting out at a newly-renovated “inspiration” Loblaws, we had a blast picking out items and concocting the evening’s menu. The black label products are easy to pick out of a line up, so to speak, as the dark, minimalist labelling is both attractive and appetizing.

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We decided on a cocktail, appetizer, and a pasta dish to go with our meat entrée, plus some ice cream to pair with the cake my Dad was picking up.

The appetizer was caramelized red onion chutney, which we had with crackers and PC black label Cracked Pepper Butter Biscuits. Despite being in the cracker section, the biscuits were definitely more like, well, cookies? But savoury cookies. The texture and flavour didn’t quite match up and they were rather small. They did go nicely with the caramelized onion though.

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Our entrée was a triple-pasta-threat of pumpkin triangoli, buffalo mozzarella girasoli, and an asparagus cappellacci, with a porcini mushroom balsamic glaze and topped with parmigiano reggiano. We polled the table for the favourite pasta, and everyone had a different vote! Fortunately, the mushroom glaze was perfect with all of them. It cut the richness of the pumpkin and enhanced the flavour of the asparagus and mozzarella. We had also picked up some centre loin pork chops, which we crusted with PC black label Chinese 5 Spice Mix. We rubbed the pork in the spice mix and barbecued it, which created a delicious crust. The cinnamon was strong, but the clove, allspice, and fennel really came through. It was a great complement to the pork and if you’re ever looking to make a tenderloin, it’d make a great spice-rub for a roast pork dish.

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For our cocktail, we did a peach bellini, which we served up with Prosecco and a few raspberries. It was delicious and a complete hit. Refreshing, sweet, and light, it was a great summer cocktail and I foresee myself drinking a lot more of it this season.

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Finally, we picked up toasted coconut ice cream. It had bits of toasted coconut and it was by far one of the best ice creams I’ve eaten. We all loved the taste; no fake coconut flavouring here.

We had a fantastic and lovely meal, and my Mom proclaimed it the Best Mother’s Day Ever. Thanks for helping us spoil her, PC black label!

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