Fit & Fat — Plus Size Spring Gear Guide


When people tell fat folks to join a gym or try to “encourage” us by telling us all about the amazing spin class that they take and “totally lost 30lbs”. Or swear, “it’s not even like working out, you wouldn’t even notice,” they’re assuming fat people couldn’t possibly already know this. We definitely couldn’t already be working out because then we wouldn’t be fat, duh. They might not realize that many of us already regularly work out or participate in some sort of physical activity. Besides being insulting and uninformed, it’s presumptuous.

There are so many barriers that can lead to physical activity being inaccessible for people — and not just for us fat babes either. Cost of participation, work schedules, physical ability, transportation issues, internet connectivity, and a host of other things can limit access to physical activity for anyone.

When you’re fat, there’s even more to consider. I know several women who refuse to work out because of the gawking and mocking they faced the last time they hit the gym. The thought of being naked in the change room or the shower is too much for them to take. Another woman won’t work out anywhere there are mirrors. If you’re going into an activity having all of this stacked against you, then the addition of a frumpy, baggy “Team Building Exercise ’99” t-shirt and oversized men’s sweatpants as your only options for workout gear can just feel like added salt in the wound. (On the other hand, if working out in sweats and baggy t-shirts is your jam, have at ‘er!)

Cute, comfortable workout gear can make a world of difference in nudging you out the door and into the gym/yoga studio/whatever. Clothes that are made to fit your body and that move when you do are crucial: shirts that are long enough to avoid lifting up, sports bras big enough to fit around and over your breasts, and pants that hug your thighs and butt instead of being stretched transparent or rubbing and pilling. It might seem small or superficial, but finding clothes made to fit you can make you feel like you belong. Like it’s okay to be you in your body when so much of the world is telling you differently.

So, here are some of the cutest spring workout things I could find to help cover you as you move your body — whether you’re running, cycling, doing yoga, or just walking the dog.

The Daub and Design Brenna Scarf
Loop this guy twice around your head as a haeadband to absorb sweat and keep your hair off your face or use it to keep warm after a workout.

Knixwear Fitknix
In sizes XS to XXL, these moisture-wicking and ultra-light undies designed by Canadian women will help keep you feeling cool and sweat-free throughout whatever sweaty activity you’re engaged in. Available in tons of different styles — the boyshorts will help avoid groin chafing. YES.

Taffy Activewear Essential Capri
These look just like the cute yoga pants that all the teachers at my studio wear and I’m so glad I can get them in my size now too! Extra bonus for their sweat-wicking fabric and mesh panels that will help you keep cool as the weather gets hot.

Nola Activewear Sport Bra
With underwire for extra support and soft French terry trimmings, this bra will keep you from bouncing around too much on the elliptical or during your run and keep everything in its place during a sun salutation.

Hyba Activewear Sweat Pant
The most adorable tailored and on-trend heathered sweatpant will give you a bit more coverage and warmth while still making you feel like a total babe. The affordable price is also a plus.

Hyba Activewear Wicking Tee
This is a super-simple tee in a sunny shade – what’s not to love?

Nola Activewear Striped Tank
Perfect for layering, hot yoga, or wearing on its own once the warm weather decides to join us permanently, this longer tank keeps you covered.

Bkr Bottle
This cute and sleek-looking bottle comes in a million fun colors that makes even the most reluctant water-drinker(spoiler alert, it’s me) remember to pack a bottle for post-workout sips. It’s glass, so it’s BPA-free beeyatches.

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