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As you might know, I am a sucker for a really good dessert, and apart from doughnuts my other love is cookies. When I was in Brooklyn checking out the City Reliquary Museum they were selling local sweets and I got to try a Fattycakes cookie.


Let me tell you that it was hands down the best cookie I have ever had in my whole life. I’m a sucker for the “Chipwich”, not exactly the ice cream sandwich, but a cookie sandwich instead! The Chipwich is a chocolate chip cookie with beer caramel, vanilla cream filling and is finished with sea salt. You’ll have to give it a try. And thanks to the lovely owner Jennifer you’ll be able to order them from no matter where you are!  We have a discount code for our readers (that can be used on all her cookies).  To order,  visit her website and use the code: “FATGIRLFOODSQUAD”.


I got to try a bunch of the flavours and that one is still the standout. I took the chance to ask Jennifer Taylor-Miller to fill us in on Fattycakes and what she’s all about.


FGFS: How long have you been crafting FattyCakes cookies?

Jennifer: 4 years part-time, about 8 months full-time

FGFS: When did you develop your love of cookies?

Jennifer: I was born with a love of cookies.

FGFS: Apart from a cookie, what is your favourite dessert?

Jennifer: Either layered cake or loaded ice cream. If I’m eating cake, I want a lot of frosting or filling or whatever, and if it’s ice cream it needs to have huge chunks of cookie or a good amount of fudge or peanut butter, etc.  My husband has accused me of cherry picking shared ice cream.

FGFS: Out of all of your flavours, which is your favourite so far?

Jennifer: Build Me Up Buttercup.  It’s a chocolate peanut butter brownie cookie with peanut butter cups.

FGFS: How did you come up with the fantastic name “FATTYCAKES”?

Jennifer: A dear friend, Cara Possemato named the company.

FGFS: Tell me the history of fattycakes and how you got started?

Jennifer: I started FattyCakes in 2009, just making strange concoctions for friends and family.  There were so many unexpected flavors that worked, like popcorn, Swedish Fish & chocolate chips, that I figured I was on to something.

FGFS: Apart from cookies, I’ve noticed you also make cookie cakes, is there anything else you think you will ever start baking/selling under the FattyCakes brand?

Jennifer: I do have a dry mix that is excellent, and I’ve made only a few available this holiday season.  I’ve heard from a volunteer at our museum pop up shop that Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio bought one.  Hope he loved it!

FGFS: Where have you been primarily selling your cookies? And is there anywhere you would like to start selling them?

Jennifer: I’ve been selling at a cafes, coffee shops and candy shops as well as markets throughout the year.  I also sell through our website, have done flash sale sites, and on, a new NYC site.

FGFS: Are there any new flavours you have cooking in your brain that you would like to let our readers know about?

Jennifer: I’ve been craving a few that I’ve made only a few times but have little mainstream interest. Devils on Horseback is a maple bacon date cookie filled with blue cheese and the other is a play on McDonald’s McGriddle, a maple bacon cookie filled with Velveeta cheese.  I like cheese.

FGFS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jennifer: Hopefully with a little shop in Brooklyn, selling my cookies and cookie cakes to extremely happy clients.

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