Morton’s Steakhouse is for (Meat) Lovers


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Let’s be honest: who here doesn’t love steak? I mean: if you’re a vegetarian, that makes sense. But if you’re a tried and true meat eater much like myself, then steak is like the holy trinity of meats. So when I had the opportunity to check out Chicago transplant chain, Morton’s Steakhouse (located in the Park Hyatt Hotel, found in Yorkville) – I was not only excited by the opportunity but a little nervous by all the meaty options. Let me tell you this much: Morton’s has you covered.

Upon entry into the restaurant, you are greeted by the hostess who takes your jackets. She is friendly, warm and inviting. You’ll note the bustling bar behind the hostess and then to the right, the grand dining room and an upper level (with private rooms, which we accidentally got lost in, attempting to find the bathrooms). The main dining room is dimly light and romantic, with just enough light from the kitchen glowing out. The kitchen also is entirely open, so for your entire meal you can watch how things are prepared. The banquet style table has a pull-out table, for your comfort. This was a huge plus for me. Just for the after meal (ahem) food coma.

Our server came to our table and was extraordinarily knowledgeable. Going through the entire menu, I was feeling a bit – overwhelmed with options. But she was great in letting us know some of the Morton’s Steakhouse classics while giving us a rundown of the daily specials. All throughout the entire dining experience, she felt us made comforted and made our dining experienced relaxed.


We started off our meal with Ahi Tuna Tower and the Shrimp Alexander (which the server told us was a Morton’s classic dish). First of all, for a steakhouse – man, do they pull off an incredible seafood dish. The Ahi Tuna tartare dish loaded with guacamole was fresh and vibrant and literally lick the plate worthy. I think Yuli and I fought over who could have the last bite. Whereas, the Shrimp Alexander had the great flavours but could not compete with the Ahi Tuna Tower. I can see why it is one of the Morton’s classic dishes with its rich flavoring and juicy shrimp but I think we got spoiled with our first Ahi Tuna bites.


As we were ordering mains and sides, our server recommended the Chicago Style Prime Bone-In Ribeye for myself, for its juicy and tender preparation. She told me that the bone would add in more flavour and the cooking would have more of a red centre. All of these things sounded like quality meat to me. Yuli tested out the Porterhouse Steak. For our side, she recommended we test out the Bacon & Onion Macaroni & Cheese as well as the Sweet Potato Casserole, part of their new fall/winter menu.

As promised, each bite into my steak (Chicago Bone-In Ribeye) was juicy and tender – cooked just to perfection – weighing in at 24 oz of pure love. The bone clearly did add in an extra smokiness and flavour that couldn’t have been achieved otherwise. Our server also let us know that Morton’s uses USDA Prime beef, aged from 23 – 28 days, which I think may have added to the profile of the steaks.


As for the sides: heaven, pure heaven. Because nothing says fall/winter like hearty macaroni & cheese (with bacon) and then sweet potato in a crunchy browned crust of cinnamon spiced pecans. I wanted to eat all of them for days. The perfect compliment to two well cooked steaks, if I do say so myself.


Should you be feeling adventurous, Morton’s has an amazing selection of desserts (hot and cold), some of which are presented to you on a silver platter – super fancy! We went with the Raspberry Souffle, because you know: raspberries!


If you’re in the mood to treat yourself or your loved one or you just love eating a fine piece of meat, then don’t walk… run to Morton’s Steakhouse. Trust me, I have been dreaming of several thing from that menu since we went and I have been having absolutely no regrets.

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