Cool Down Right Meow: Philip’s Ice Pops

Katie Rachael Walker of Philip’s Ice Pops.
Photo taken by Becca Gilgan of A Good Good Day

It has been a hot one this summer and sometimes you just need that right treat to cool down.  Perhaps you’ve seen Katie Rachael Walker busting around the streets of downtown Toronto on her modded-out cargo bike selling Philip’s Ice Pops, her delicious creation.

The company, which just launched at the end of May, has been serving up some icy delicious ice-pop goodness in several different flavours including: Lemon Ginger Rosemary, Fresh Orange & Vanilla Bean, Salted Watermelon, and Organic Strawberry & Basil.  Katie has been stocking Phillip’s Ice Pops in several different stores across the city or you can track her bike coordinates via Twitter and Facebook.

I had the chance to speak with Katie about Philip’s Ice Pop and got the skinny on what’s coming down the pipe:

(1) How did you come about creating Philip’s Ice Pops?

I have always been an avid ice pop eater!  I bought an ice pop mould with no intention of starting a business. After sharing them with friends and family who loved them, Philip’s Ice Pops started taking shape!

(2) What goes into the creation of your ice pops and their flavours?

I am always looking for inspirations for different flavour combos. I get my ideas from a wide range of things from baked goods to treats I have had abroad. My early summer flavours included watermelon-sea salt.  I remember having watermelons with sea salt on them when I was on Mexico as a kid!

(3) Ice pops have long been called the “grown-up treat”. Why do you think that is?

I think that anyone and everyone can like an ice pop! It seems that adults are more attracted to our flavours like Lavender-Lemonade and the kids like that sweeter flavours like Strawberry-Rhubarb! I try to make two adventurous flavours and two more kid friendly flavours to appeal to both age groups!

(4) I have heard you can put alcohol into an ice pop – true or false?  Have you ever thought about doing something like this?

YES, it is true and it’s going to happen!  I have test kitchen-ed a few “pop-tails” for my personal use I am perfecting them right now so I can sell them. They should be on the streets by next season.

(5) What dream flavour could you make (if you could) and will you try to make it?

I have tested so many flavours since we have opened but only been able to share a few of them with everyone! I am pretty excited about our Sangria ice pop as part of my “pop-tail” series.

Phillip's Ice Pops chillin' out.   Photo taken by Becca Gilgan of A Good Good Day (

Phillip’s Ice Pops chillin’ out.
Photo taken by Becca Gilgan of A Good Good Day

(6) Who would you love to get your Ice Pops in the hands of?

When I was doing the Toronto Urban Roots Festival, Zooey Dechanel was playing with She & Him. I was really hoping she would make her way over to the bike!  She would be my dream spokesperson. She is the cutest. There is always next time!

(7) The branding is incredible.  Who came up with it and how did it come to be?  Also, is the photo of the cat on your website of Philip, whom your company is named after?

I came up with it! I started sketching a few different options but the one we went with was the most simple yet it stood out the most!  Also, yes That’s him! The logo is based off of him.  Check out that pink nose!

(8) What do you have in store next for the Philip’s Ice Pops brand.

Next year, Philip’s Ice Pops will be a mini food truck! I am re-modelling this 1960’s trailer into the new Philip’s Ice Pops mobile! It’s going to be all decked out with whiskers on the headlights and ears on the roof! I can’t wait to start the next chapter of Philip’s Ice Pops.

(9) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

It’s hard to say! I try not to plan too far ahead because I love taking opportunities as they come and going with the flow. We have been so fortunate to have really enthusiastic customers, every time I am selling at a festival people have the greatest suggestions. I always make a point of listening, whether it is flavour combinations or packaging suggestions!

Katie serving up fierce Ice Pop realness. Photo by Becca Gilgan of A Good Good Day (

Katie serving up fierce Ice Pop realness.
Photo by Becca Gilgan of A Good Good Day

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